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    Does Muslim Mafia control Bollywood

    Aditi Chaturvedi
    The Islamic mafia's terror network - Part 1

    On August 12, 1997 a loud series of shots rang out outside the Jeeteswar
    Mahadev Mandir in Mumbai. They were just one in a sequence of warnings
    about the state of our nation, and yet just as before, we Hindus refuse
    to wake up and face the truth. The event that occurred outside the
    Mahadev Mandir in Mumbai that fateful day, was not particularly
    outstanding when seen in the context of the daily reinforcement of the
    fact that India is in the hands of Muslim terrorists. The victim on this
    particular day happened to be a plump, short media baron, known as
    Gulshan Kumar.

    Who was Gulshan Kumar, the Cassette King? He started out life as a
    humble fruit juice seller's son in Darya Gary market in Old Delhi. He
    wanted to make it big in Bombay and he did, by cooking up innovative
    ways to pirate popular music. Super Cassette Industries, his flagship
    company and its low price high volume strategy ushered in a musical
    revolution. Pretty soon he had the leader of the pack , HMV India
    itself, chomping at the bits in order to compete with him. Using all of
    his fortunes from his music production company in Noida, near Delhi to
    finance his film production business, Gulshan Kumar soon became the
    owner of a vast 400 crore rupee empire.. He was the highest tax payer
    for the financial year 1992-93.

    It was with his foray into the Indian film industry that Gulshan took
    his first step into the jaws of the Muslim Mafia network without which
    Bollywood simply can not exist. For decades the film industry has been
    the money spinning machine and media arm of the Islamic Mafia. The
    Indian film industry serves a twofold purpose for the international
    Islamic Mafia which is headquartered in UAE and Pakistan.

    1) With a turnover of over Rs. 7000 Crore, the Indian film industry has
    become one of the biggest money making operations for the Islamic Mafia.
    Although it is not as profitable as drug-trafficking, sale of illegal
    arms, prostitution rings or counterfeit money, it certainly does help to
    line the pockets and provides valuable interface to politicians and
    industrialists who are enamoured of the glamour and glitter of Cinema

    2) But the real reason why the Indian film industry is so important to
    the Islamic Mafia, is the fact that it serves as the best possible
    propaganda tool in a country of over 950 million people. A blatant
    glorification of Islam and an utterly distorted insulting portrayal of
    Hinduism are the tools that it uses constantly to affect Indians' psyche
    and effectively utilize information warfare. Hindu culture is
    consistently given the mantle of a backward, intolerant, illogical
    culture, whereas Islamic concepts, ideas, and judgements are given the
    legitimacy of truth. One of the most successful byproducts of this
    psychological manipulation has been the corruption of Hindi, via the
    glorification of Arabicised Urdu words. In popular films and music, Urdu
    is always used in order to condition the Indian public. In other
    instances, terrorism which usually stems from Islamic quarters in India,
    is attributed to Hindu groups in movies! Islamic terrorists are
    portrayed as martyrs on screen. Islamic ideas are touted as progressive
    whereas Hindu ideals are dismissed as outdated and illiterate. Urdu is
    the language of "civilized" sophisticates, Hindi is the language of
    "Ganwaars" or village idiots. These are just a few examples of the
    objectives which the control of Bollywood provides to the Islamic Mafia.

    On August 12, 1997, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary as the
    familiar portly figure of Gulshan Kumar attired in white kurta stepped
    out of his car in front of the Jeeteswar Mahadev Mandir that fateful
    day. A simple Thali of offerings for worship of Lord Shiva swayed in his
    plump hands as he started walking towards the shrine. His devotion to
    the divine had been steadfast in its earnestness. A huge portion of his
    wealth had gone into beautifying and enhancing the pilgrimage experience
    of Vaishno Devi for pious devotees. It was his efforts which had
    rekindled the sound of early morning Bhajans in Indian households all
    over the country. Despite the allegations of piracy and fraud, he had
    focused all his energies into what he viewed as an offering to God. As
    the assassins pumped his frame with bullets, the last words heard by
    Gulshan Kumar were:

    " Bahut ho gayi teri puja, ab upar ja ke aur karo" (You have prayed
    enough to your idols down here, now go up there and do it.)

    A chilling reminder of the fact that Islam and the Islamic Mafia will do
    its best to eliminate any Hindu who dares to reaffirm his faith loud and
    clear in India.

    Who were Gulshan Kumar's enemies? What was his crime?

    The clues to the answer apparently lie with music director Nadeem
    Saifee. In 1997, Nadeem's solo album Hai Ajnabi bombed. He wanted
    Gulshan Kumar to finance his next private album. Gulshan Kumar wisely
    decided that Nadeem was not destined to be a chartbuster and refused
    outright. An enraged Nadeem who was obviously used to displaying
    arrogance in lieu of his Islamic godfather's protection started
    threatening Kumar saying "Have you got a call or not? My "Chahnewaale"
    (friends) will call you. You don't know who I am."

    By May 1997, Abdul Qayoom Ansari alias Abu Salem, a 29-year-old
    Dubai-based member of the Islamic Mafia, who is also known as one of the
    "arms" of kingpin Dawood Ibrahim, had called up Gulshan Kumar on his
    mobile and curtly told him to call back at a Dubai mobile number. When
    Gulshan called the number back, an amount to the tune of 10 Crore Rupees
    was quoted and Kumar was threatened with dire consequences if he failed
    to cough up the dough. Kumar, a man who had managed to survive in the
    Film Industry long enough without giving in to the Islamic Mafia of
    ISI's underworld dons, refused to pay outright. Even when Abu Salem sent
    his Mullah terrorists to Gulshan in person, the wary devotee refused to
    budge an inch. .

    Who is Abu Salem?? He is accused number 87 in the Bombay bomb blast
    case. He was charged with procuring nine AK-56 rifles at the command of
    Dawood's brother Anees Ibrahim. Mumbai courts issued an arrest warrant
    against him in 1993 ``for conspiracy to cause explosions with intent to
    cause death and damage to property.'' If caught and convicted he faces
    the death penalty. In 1995, Interpol had issued a Red Corner alert for
    him. In 1997, the UAE government received extradition papers for Salem
    from the CBI upon request.

    The first ever trap (which is known as `fielding', in the underworld
    slang) was laid with the blessing of nadeem and his "godfather" Dawood .
    The trap for killing Gulshan Kumar was laid between July 15 and 20,
    while he was shooting for his forthcoming untitled film at the
    Jasdanwala Bungalow at Aqsa Beach, Malad. Two teams from the gang
    maintained a watch on his movements but failed to strike either because
    of the milling crowds around him, or for the fact that he was shielded
    by his Punjabi bodyguard.

    When Gulshan Kumar refused Abu Salem's threats of extortion, he was
    enraged at the "Kafir" Hindu's insolence and ordered the hit. Apart from
    Kumar's 250-crore annual turnover from Super Cassettes and Music
    Industries, his religiosity and lavish expenditure for devotional
    purposes including a `langar' at Vaishnodevi temple, where Rs 5 lakh was
    spent every month had become eyesores for the Islamic Mafia.

    Abu Salem had been chosen as the key operational head in Bombay by
    Dawood himself , due to his incredibly cruel and brutal nature. He was
    also given charge of handling extortions and hawala transactions on
    Dawood's behalf. In April, Abu Salem began by calling up top film
    producers asking them to pay up. About 20 top film personalities were
    personally contacted by Salem over the span of two months. The figures
    he quoted as extortion payments were in hundreds of crores. Over 95% of
    the Movie moguls simply paid and never informed the police. Salem's men
    attacked producer-director Rajiv Rai at his Tardeo office, which led Rai
    to flee to London. He never returned since. Later that April an attempt
    was made on Subhash Ghai's life which was foiled by alert police. Salem
    himself had telephoned Subhash Ghai asking him to pay up. The Indian
    Film Industry was serving its purpose as the money making machine which
    churned out Millions of Rupees in liquid assets for Dawood and ISI to
    create mayhem, death and destruction all over India. Not one moviemaker
    had the guts to resist, every single one of them was deeply involved in
    this deep seated treachery and anti national activity which killed
    Indian citizens every day.

    Was it simply because Gulshan Kumar did not give in to this nefarious
    plan, that his body lay riddled with bullets in front of the Temple
    steps in Mumbai that day? Hardly. As the details began trickling in, it
    became apparent that the plot to kill Gulshan Kumar had been hatched on
    June 12 at Dubai when a galaxy of Indian stars participated in the
    opening of a luxury hotel owned by Vivek Goswami a narcotics dealer
    linked to Chota Rajan another underworld non-resident Indian don. As
    investigations continued, more rivalries began surfing. Ramesh Taurani -
    owner of Tips another rival to Super Cassette, was identified as an
    associate of Dawood Ibrahim's gang. The investigation led the police to
    interview filmstars Pooja Bhat, Salman Khan and Shravan among others.

    Bollywood's links with Mumbai's underworld were always known. But the
    extent of its involvement with the Islamic Mafia became apparent only
    after Gulshan Kumar's death, a man who was murdered simply because he
    was a Hindu success story. "When the underworld approaches you, you
    cannot refuse.", these were the chilling words of Nadeem Saifee, the
    main accused in the Gulshan Kumar murder case.

    A month later a casual friend of Gulshan Kumar and writer-director Mukul
    Anand died unexpectedly of a "heart attack" in his sister's home in
    Mumbai. Anand had been in the process of making a movie on Kashmir which
    went against the Islamic Mafia's propaganda plans. The film was being
    shot in USA on the pretext that the environs resembled those of Kashmir.
    The reality was quite different. Anand had been threatened and he and
    several of his associates were frightened enough to go into hiding when
    they returned to India to raise more money for the movie. A relative of
    the executive producer was slain by a killer on a motorbike. And then
    all of a sudden Mukul Anand suffered a surprise "heart attack"....

    What is even more shocking to discover is that EIGHT months before Abu
    Salem ordered the cold blooded of Gulshan Kumar , the CBI had requested
    his extradition from the UAE government. However, the request became
    just another of the 35 others pending with the Government of United Arab
    Emirates and like the other requests, this too was put on the
    backburner. The CBI is not too optimistic about getting back any of the
    members of the Dawood gang, hawala dealers and arms and drugs smugglers
    who are responsible for the most heinous crimes committed against India.

    The Arab provision of shelter to these hard core terrorists and
    criminals provides convincing evidence that the conspiracy to create
    chaos and panic in India stems from the Islamic world in general. Dawood
    Ibrahim follows and carries out the directives of Pakistan's ISI and oil
    rich Arabs, who take pride in their Islamic fanaticism. It is he and his
    deputies who mastermind all of the major terrorist attacks and hardcore
    crimes which take place in India. As the disturbing facts about Gulshan
    Kumar's murder were unearthed, an incredible pattern of internally
    linked networks which are sustained by the Islamic Mafia become
    apparent. The crimes begin with low level extortions and proceed higher
    up the ladder with the all too willing Indian movie industry, as well as
    heads of major corporations in India and finally goes all the way up to
    the politicians who hold the highest positions in the land.

    The breadth and depth of this net of crime and the virulently anti
    Indian activities it breeds are spread unimaginably far. The extent of
    involvement is so deep, that the public knows not even one hundredth of
    the details of this story.

    Next week I will delve further into the underworld net of the Islamic
    Mafia which has spread its poisonous tentacles deep into India's soul.
    The implications will shock all nationalistic Indians beyond belief.

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