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Attention students studying in Foriegn countries

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    Attention students studying in Foriegn countries

    Hi ,
    Actually I want to have conversation with those people who r studying outside pakistan.
    I have just finished Masters in computer sciences from Islamabad.
    I want u to tell me about countries who r providing good study oppurtunities and thier universities.
    Also kindly tell me what should i do for my admission i.e how should i apply and what i m supposed to do.
    Thank You

    and u said u had a masters in what....
    بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
    بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں


      Naveed jee,
      From Quid-e-Azam?


        Now people i m more intrested to have conversation with foriegn students ok.


          Why do you want to leave Pakistan?

          Only because everyone wants to get out of pakistan?

          Why after doing masters you want to go?
          you want to leave the country whch enabled you to earn thousands of dollars and now you ar just going away without repaying to you country?

          Do you know why evaporation causes cooling?
          Molecules with high energy leave, decreasing the average energy of the substance.
          Same thing is happening with pakistan. It will never ever be able to achieve something, if this contnues.

          I realised this the moment I landed here, Now I have no choice except to complete my degree. I will, for sure, go back.

          I think those so called "consultants" should be killed. They make hell a heaven and people believe them. Pitty.

          Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


            naveed_jee: you said you have completed your MCS? then you want admission in MCS in a foreign university? unless you are referring to specialization it doesnt make sense. Well anyway here in the US, alot of universities offer MCS programs, you can check them out by searching for "USA universities and colleges"on any search enigines(preferably metacrawler). You should be able to get all the info you need, as most most of the uni sites have sections devoted for foreign applicants.

            You see things, and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were and I say 'Why not?'


              email me if u want any information in this regard. U can also refer all ur friends to me. Pakistanis r lasiest to get out and have the tech. advantage. I will try to help u as I am studying IT at the moment.

              Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.
              Saints are fine for Heaven, but they are hell on earth.


                I agree with Yahoo.
                Anyways, Naveed, why would you want to study further, what more can you do then a masters in CS unless its a phd.?

                I dont get these pakistani students with masters from pakistan just to do it all over again in USA or canada and paying these heavy foreign student tution fees, For what? just to support USA/Canada education? beleive me, I know many Pakistani guys working in IT here educated from Pakistan, they know their stuff! what do they need to enrol in studies here for?
                there are tonnes of jobs in USA/CANADA and people get them just with simple diploma courses, not even bachelor degrees.
                If you want to leave Pakistan, your chances are probably better trying for a work visa rather then a student visa, since there is a shortage of IT professionals. But, as Yahoo says, its better to work and support your own country man.



                  you can help yourself here
                  most countries that offer admissions to overseas students have online sites where you can get the information you require

                  otherwise contact the embassies
                  you are in islamabad, most of the embassies and high commissions are over there
                  and dont get disheartend by 'some' replies
                  its in their blood the poor things are helpless