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    Time Warp...

    Salaam Guppos,

    Imagine you had a time machine, you could visit any era you whoever you wanted, what would the place be and who would the person be?? Stone Age, Our prophets time, Victorian times? I personally would like to visit the Ancient Egyptian Era, it is so mysterious and fascinating....the one person I would love to meet is our Prophet. So guppies start dreaming and put your thoughts on the net.....

    What if you were able to 'time-travel' but couldn't get back to the present!


      I would travel back and give myself the lottery numbers!!!


        WOW!!! what imaginative answers


          I'd go back in time, just to give a hug to my mother.


            i already have a time machine Mariah, it can be yours for 3 easy payments of $299.99

            only checks and cash accepted!
            mail to:

            Imagine inc.
            420 Fakeville,YU

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              Apart frpm the time of our prophet (pbuh) and the many incidents and mishaps wich I could go back and rectify, I guess it had have to be only a few years back when Pakistan won the world cup, at the time I was in Pakistan and the people went wild, people climbd on to their roofs and started firing klashnee's, people dancing in the street it was mad.

              I would like to go also back to prehistoric times only for a little while and see how much of todays scienists portrayal of dinasours and such is correct...oh one other thing I'd like to go back to the fourties back to Roswell, New Mexico and see what really went down.

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                Of course, the dinosaurs....but would you come back alive!!!!

                KaKa Malang what is a "Check" , dont you mean cheque???


                aawww, that is so sweet

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