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    A friend read over the phone a news item appearing on 31st August that Mr. Justice Khaziq-ul-Khairi has observed that “reconstruction" was very necessary for the country [exact wording is not known to me].

    He is really right. During the last 52 years as a nation we never concentrated on pulling out the dead dog from our national stinking well but only put refreshers and fresh waters as a one off remedy. We believed only on suppressive treatment not on preventive treatment. For example we established some 15 years back a very good check and balance system called "Ombudsman System" on huge expense principle of which system is "diagnose" the cause of "administrative wrong" and put the errant on back track so same "administrative thing" does not happen again. But we used this system merely to provide mostly "one off" individual relief and not doing the correct thing namely preventing recurrence of the same. Establishment of different types of ombudsmen like tax ombudsman, proposed insurance ombudsman, banking ombudsman and district level ombudsmen is proof of failure of our present system. Had existing system delivered the goods there would not had been any need of new expense on new district type ombudsmen.

    But since now in this millennium year of 2000 we have realised that it is a period of "reconstruction". An since His Excellency Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf is sincerely determined to rebuild the economically crippled country and for this purpose has created a "National Reconstruction" Bureau under a very able person, I wonder if for this “national reconstruction" Mr. Justice Khaziq-ul- Khairi now takes "suo moto" note of in the larger interest of "national reconstruction" of a building named Sara Height demolished in Garden East Karachi {DAWN August 30]. Allottees of flats got loss due to this demolition but those sitting in Karachi Building Control Authority under whose nose this building was progressively being constructed for year over remained sleeping and let the construction goes on. These flats were not constructed in a night but at least in a year. Were KBCA field inspectors for the whole on year did not pass through this building or some sweet smell kept their eyes to other side. There would be no more injustice and cruelty if in a period of "National Reconstruction" this in injustice to buyers remained un-noticed and that to "to-the-point". One can ignore suchnotices not taken in the past because that was NOT period of “reconstruction”.

    A citizen complained to "Khalifa-e-Waqat" about robbery in his house. Khalifa stated "what were you doing". I was sleeping, was the reply. Why were you sleeping" Because I thought Khalifa-e-Waqat was "awake" was the reply. 2/3 years back KBCA took notice of some such 30 buildings in garden east. Those were not constructed in a night. Some 35 officials were suspended. Almost 90% gone back, one or two promoted. Our "Qazi" did not raise the question to KBCA "were you asleep when these buildings were being constructed in violation of your own rules" or builders have given you "lollipops"

    [email protected]

    2 August 2000

    These are very interesting articles, From now on can you please post these in pakistan politics instead since there are many people there who would like to disucuss this
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