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How many Mr. Worlds/Universe

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    How many Mr. Worlds/Universe

    Now that this topic of Miss Universe is being Islamised, I thought Mr. Universe may not attract so much attention from mullahs. Has Pak produced any Mr. Universe so far?


    yes, arnold schwartzeneger whose real name is Azam shalwar-Knicker (since he used to wear short shalwars while working out) hehe

    O yaaaar, look at an average desi and the physical condition they are in. A horde of cigarette smoki, pan chewing, mal nutritioned, short n skinny folks. Really, look at it. There are many many exceptions but still they are exceptions.

    Not to drag religion in here but in a post you had inquired something about men's clothes and all, just to let ya know that men can not appear in thongs and stuff either.

    Damn and even if they did, the condition of sports and atheleticds in Pakistan is mediocre. A few sports steal the limelight namely cricket and hockey and others suffer. I can bet that a decent college team from US or a 3rd division team from Italy can beat Pakistani national soccer team, not that the teams in the rest of the region are much better.

    The way things are all Pakistani atheletes, especially those in non-popular sports emerge due to their own interest and hard work and not because their is a nationwide program to encourage sports of all sorts, including body building.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      You bet Fraudia we desis are all the same, the situation is similar in India, but I think India has produced one - his name is Prem Singh (I think), but that is cos of his own abilities and not cos we have a good system to promote things. Down with our bad system.


        Get out of town Frauds. The reason Pakistan does not produced Mr. Universe is because Pakistani men are very shy and ticklish, and what if someone comes on the stage during the contest and start tickling us? Thatís the main reason and not the smoking-pans stuff that you are talking about.

        The posture with both arms squeezed infront of forbidden area while showing facial mussels was in fact introduced by a Pakistani.


          >>>The posture with both arms squeezed infront of forbidden area while showing facial mussels was in fact introduced by a Pakistani.<<

          and people still think kabaz is all bad.