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Chat Gossip Part IV

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    Chat Gossip Part IV

    If i recall correctly: Chat Gossip part I began by Roman when text chat first appeared. Then, parts II & III began by Boss & Hayaa respectively when voice chat came out 3 months or so later. It's just that the "crowd" of chat has changed quite a bit lately since the whole 'atmosphere' of that place has changed just a tadddd bit hence not really much to gossip about.

    Nonetheless, i still wanna hear some good gossip dammit! & you know, writing it here, it's all good...

    So, okay, lemme begin.
    I think last night on voice chat was so much fun. It was hilarious...seriously.

    - It was so funny when Munda Pakistani intended to give out his phone only to ATA because he wanted to call him; Munda gave out his # on the main so that everyone could read it. Anchal is like Oye sharam karo with such an act. & my reaction was (modestly) simply: *hubba hubba* Then Young Brat (who's my age btw) also gives out his number in the main just for the heck of it. Now i had to say to them Okayyy guyss..stop tempting me... Cuz before, i used to have an uncontrolled fever of calling long distance friends up & getting in so much crap from the huge bills as an aftermath.
    Oh, btw, guys, i didn't note down neither of your #s, , i mean comeon...Shame-shame of me if i did!!!

    - Now & then, Munda Pakistani was playing some ARabic, & Indy/Urdu songs which i didnt' really mind. However, everytime MP would play a song, Anchal would be seriously saying STTTTTTTTOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! *bangs a danda on munda's head* -- only because she was really picky on some of the songs.
    cuz of some of the bhangra music -- 1 "chakday" song as boss calls it ...
    leads to.....(next point below)

    - There was, let's say, a huge request for ChannMahi to dance to that song....oh lord...lets just say only regarding guys doing the act: thongs & $2 bills (sorry,i forget who was offering that much money!) were involved.
    ( )

    Anyway, that's my report.


    How this voice chat works?



      Soubia, Voice Chat's title is at the top of every gupshup page. here's the url though:


        Hey- last nite's chat was cool- so many guppys on! It was the first time I went into voice chat...really weird.

        Sorry I never said anything..I didn't really knwo what to talk about. And so many conversations were going..I didn't want to interrupt!

        I was going to say salaams b4 I got off- and then my computer froze! Oh well- next now I know when people are on!

        Munda- that music was interesting. I liked the arab stuff.

        Kohal- yer so sweet!!

        Hmm- interesting gossip...hmm...let's see...

        Women live off three things- food, shelter and compliments.
        Got Gup?


          hmmmm, still rush on voice chat???
          This time I have problems with loading the chat site.. anyway, I guess I will try again and lets see if I get the chance to talk to you people...

          The light you see at the end of the tunnel is always a train.


            this is so embarssing for me...
            even more than than when anchal said "sharam nahi aati"
            ok ok i did it but theres a reason behind it.

            ATA was leaving and i wanted him to get the neW # b4 he left so i just wrote it down instead of going private,,, i did not want him to be calling the old # and wasting his time and money "know what i mean"

            Now its Young(not really) Bart u should be really after bcz 1. he coppied me like he was waiting for a "Bahana"... 2. he did it with out any reason.

            n btw Kohal what did u mean by "MP u might be receiving a surprise call from some1"

            And Kohal btw i did not play any indian songs
            I AM MUNDA "PAKISTANI" u know
            and i am a big fan of Arabic songs...
            and i donno about Anchal she says she has a hifi system and listens to songs but when i play them *WHAM* goes her danda i am gona sue her pretty soon..


            Till next time,
            Allah Hafiz

            [This message has been edited by munda Pakistani (edited August 30, 2000).]

            [This message has been edited by munda Pakistani (edited August 30, 2000).]


              i was offering CM 2 dollars for his thong and dont even ask what he replied

              Munda yaar you know naa i have physically abused my hifi so i am these dayz hifi-less
              a punishment some-body thinks is gonna straighten me out after smashing the answering machine, throwing the fax machine on the floor in order to get the paper jam fixed and breaking a couple hundred vdo cassettes cause i luv my crockery

              rizwan afreed seems like he is gone on some kinda jihad and chats from there daily
              thats how his mic sounds ilke as if he is chatting with his laptop up in F-16

              Kohal if you really want gossip log on as another nick remain silent and just watch


                Really AnchaL?

                & as for Munda Pakistani,,
                there's nothing to be embarrassed about!! You were in a hurry before ATA would leave so there was no time to, you know, quickly 'click' on ATA's name & privately message him.
                Anyways, you're right with how i did say there how you'd be expecting a suprise call from someone; but, i didn't even note your number down (unfortuntely!) so fat chance if you do get that call.

                oh btw MP, rizwan was wanting to talk to you since you guys are from the same town.