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Would You Like to Retire Early

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    Would You Like to Retire Early

    Most of the people I know would like to retire early i.e in their 30s. Do we have guppies here who think the same way?

    If No! then why would you want to work your behind like crazy?...Your job or business is not the reason you landed on this planet or is it?

    If yes! then what would be your motivation after retirement...what do u do once you have conqured the world?


    Hello people.
    I'd loved to retire at an early age, infact I wish I could retire tommorrow. Let me break it down, to a daily basis. out of 24 hours I spend about 6 hrs asleep,8 hrs at work, about 3 to 4 hrs eating,bathing,traveling to and from work, and maybe an hour or two doing home duties.So I have very little time to do the things I want,The reason I work is because I have dependants, my kids, and to be able to retire I need some savings.
    When I feel I have enough money to retire, I want to go to Pakistan and maybe set up some thing there and settle down and relax myself, and maybe build a market or two. and live of the pakistan i will truly be happy while retired.
    Other goals in my life are traveling the globe. I'd love to see the wonders of the world.


      Lo ji gul kar loo.. I can't wait till I'm done with my studies... abhi ithnnnnnnni umar baqi hie, I certainly want to retire for good if, so, i.e. from life **Daysee Run, now ur in for it** jk...

      Retiring early... hmm.. in 30's... why I haven't even started yet, so if u keep on motivating us like this, maybe we might chicken out b4 even begining tehee...

      Kiya howa phir? BoSS ki boss say bossy type larai tuo kahin nahi howi? tell me more...



        ...let me start than i ll think about it...

        no well who doesnt wana retire at early age...i think lower income people THINK of retiring early but they cant...due to their financial circumstances...but when money starts coming in...somepeople hardly think of retiring....


        till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***

        Wise Man says:>What I say won't really change anything, but what you say doesn't really matter!


          I can't even begin to think about retiring. There is still so much I want to do. So much to be done, explored, learned. And I wouldn't want to retire early. Cuz I am one of those people who believe in passing life by..instead of having life pass me by.


            Retiring?! Sheeesh!! At 30?! ummm BoSS...ummm....hmmm nevermind oh alright, i'll say your head still eating circles??? heheh j/k jokes.

            I guess from all the exclamation and question marks you can tell what i think about retiring early...

            Originally posted by BoSS:
            If No! then why would you want to work your behind like crazy?...Your job or business is not the reason you landed on this planet or is it?
            I say no because, when we first start studying, when we first start a career, we pursue something we enjoy right? Or at least most of us i hope. I mean whats the use in holding a job you hate, in pursuing something u dislike, if you no other choice thats a different matter, but i mean if you have a choice why should you 'drag yourself down' and i guess imprison yourself in a way. Anyways back to what i wanted to say, which was if we are pursuing a career that we enjoy, that we find rewarding...what is the purpose of retiring? I mean alright retiring may give you time to do stuff you've never gotten a chance to do, go places u've only dreamed of visiting before. But at thirty??? And how do you spend the rest of your life? I mean thirty is so young. I guess if you've made enough money to support yourself and your family and if retirement is what you really want then go for it. But i dont know, seems like the novelty may wear off, you'll find yourself longing for something to do...i mean why is it that the majority of volunteers are retired people??? Not only because they have the time, and the money (ie.don't need to worry about supporting themselves), but because they WANT and NEED something to do, something to keep them busy.

            BoSS you say, 'Your job or business is not the reason you landed on this planet or is it?' Maybe it isn't specifically, but doesnt your career become an extension of yourself--along with your interests, your values, your beliefs, your experiences? And then therefore, the sense of fulfillment, the satisfaction you receive from those things, contributes to your sense of being, your sense of purpose in this life, does it not?

            Hmmm alright, thats enough yapifacation for now.

            Fee AmaanAllah

            ps.BoSS, i have it on good authority that squares taste better than circlesHehehe

            Alright, i'm off, over and out


              wel i would'nt wanna retire at an early age coz u have no mission in life if u do.. at least when ur working u have ur goals and feel good when u have accomplished them .. i mean u could chill out when ur not working but for how long could u do that???
              i think most people who have made their money at a young age will retire but most people have to work their assess off to make both ends meet throughout their lifes
              I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by



                I would like to retire (from 8-10 hr shift) as soon as I can so I can start my True journey understand why I was created and what is our true mission is this life and here after. May Allah give me chance and tofeeq to understand my religion and work for the sake of islam rather than lost in this Duniya and found dead in an office,waering a tie, with out fullfilling the duties. Aamen!



                  yaar i would retire for a year and then back to job for a few months and then retire again like having a long holiday after a months work that would be great

                  thats only if i was a millionaire otherwise i know i would have to work my butt off to pay my internet and telephone bills

                  salams and take care


                    kia meri abhi bhi retire hounney ki kummi baqqeeeeeeeeeee hai?????

                    ~just asking!!!!

                    **AbhI tOu mAi JaWAn HoUn**


                      Thanks for the replies..interesting thoughts!



                        **~hUm HaIn PaKiStAnI, hUm To JeEtAiN GeY hAn JeEtAiN gEy, HaR mEiDaAn MeIn, HaR tUfAaN mEiN, hAr MuShKiL mEiN jEeTaIn GeY~***

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                          Weell, i have a long way to go(INSHALLAH) i don't know bout retiring

                          **~hUm HaIn PaKiStAnI, hUm To JeEtAiN GeY hAn JeEtAiN gEy, HaR mEiDaAn MeIn, HaR tUfAaN mEiN, hAr MuShKiL mEiN jEeTaIn GeY~***


                            I think the answer to this early retirement question will always be no as long as a person enjoys his/her profession. How can one voluntarily give up something one loves to do (when no other obstacles are involved)?
                            Life is only a dream.


                              No definitely not 30's.. may be late 40's, early 50's.

                              I'm kinda lost on what'd be my everyday motivation if I would have enough money and can easily retire. Common interests and hobbies are enjoyable only when you get to work for them. You can't be playing golf everyday or just travelling etc. Sense of productivity itself is a great reward for many people. The zeal, the zest, working for something.. it's all good at young age.

                              However, it's fun to whine about work at the same time ;-)