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Who's ullu??

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    Who's ullu??

    I and Roman were talking, sitting in front of my computer, looking at different posts and talking about all the gupsters, all of a sudden the topic of "ullu" came up and we suddenly realized that we don't know anything about him/her (we do think it's a he with a pair of iron-made testicles).

    It's a sudden but very important realization, mind you. The guy's been posting for a while, posting on a wide range of topics like horny cars and corny wars but haven't interacted directly with anybody.

    First impression we got of him is that he's some kind of a bookie... he talked about Cricket, he talked about gambling... and then he talked about cars (again). What does that tell you? The surprise came through his posts in Politics though (and hence the iron balls analogy).

    That was like so un-ullu like. It was too direct, too productive, and too understandable. For a moment I thought (Roman) I lost my hero but thanks to his unmatching imagination, he posted a revealing account on cars being horny (I knew they were hot, but horny??? I had no clue)

    So the fundamental question is, who is ullu? (no, I'm not addressing the common public in general) Do we know him with some different nick? If yes, what's that nick? If no, really??????

    i would like you guys to have an analysis bout me too

    at least i have a positive attitude about my destructive habits.


      Ah.. just when u start thinking, none cares about u, here is a complete thread devoted to u. Well.. who is outlaw?? and who is Roman???
      Kabir said long ago 'zaati na poocho sadhu ki, pooch lijiyo gyan' Dont bother to dig more info on an enlightened person, just listen his knowledge.
      Similarly, dont try to more info about an idiot aka ullu. Just ignore him.


        aey outlaw nouN tusi ADMINN ''outlaw'' q je nayi kurdey??????!!!!!!!!!!

        dousreyaN loukaN dey wich umul dukhul dein deya hai

        ~mind ur business!!!!!!

        **AbhI tOu mAi JaWAn HoUn**


          So Roman made it to BC -- 1 of the most beautiful places in Canada. (i wanna go therrrree)

          i was actually pondering this ullu guy. I have to admit, his first posts really really seemed true to his name itself; but, gradually his posts kinda made sense now & then which made you go something like *eureka*

          I know he has pretty..interesting...points of views when it comes to dating -- for some reason that i noticed. Cuz he made sense with what he said there; though at the moment i don't have any references as to what he said ....

          So is roman ji bald as i hear? Like a "Ttinday" as they say it?

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            Yeah, This ullu guy, i realized from the start that he puts in his remarks at the very unexpected points in the topic. Furthermore the subjects he floated were different than their funny names.

            It seems he is a jolly but intelligent guy but whats it to you Outlaw? What can u say about that!!

            r u making your own peoples profiles directory? or are u from FBI!!


              Ullu is just the opposite of his nick!
              Ullu is a thinker and an introvert! When he says something it is a blend of wisdom rolled up in a pakora of a riddle!

              I always read his posts ! I always, mostly always ignore Jawaan's post.



                Main bohot buri aadmi hoon!!!
                sui chubho doongi haan!

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                  ullu reminds me of ZZ and that japanese character we had around here..

                  neways, whoever you are, thanx for reminding me of that doha from kabir, read it long back when i was at high-school!
                  zaati na poocho sadhu ki, pooch lijiyo gyan
                  mol karo talwaar ki, pare rahen do myan
                  Simple ain't easy.


                    now, everytime ullu sits down to gupShup his hands tremble and he keeps changing what he has written because he is afraid he may not live up to your expectations.



                      the only thing i know abt ullu is that he is a qadiani and an ullu.

                      outlaw, you said you think ullu has iron made disgusting! its not nice to say stuff like this especially when their is ladies like kohal on this forum.


                        um, dat's right Outlaw.

                        (Frankly I couldnt' care less )


                          i think ULLU is a member of gupshup am i right??????
                          can some one email me????????