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    According to a press release published on 24 August Minister for Environment Local Government Manpower & Overseas Pakistan Mr. Umar Asghar chairing 37th Annual meeting of Board of Directors of Overseas Employment Corporation has directed that procedure for Overseas Pakistanis (Ops) (OPs) accidental insurance (Emigrants Policy) be made "Easy".

    The procedure since decades had always been very "EASY" viz an OP used to send after every two years on expiry of his current policy a very simple Form with a draft of Rs. 500/- from abroad by mail and in a month policy for two years very "Easily" used to come from State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan Karachi Office.

    Come the present government the procedure was changed viz it was prescribed that an applicant instead of sending his application by mail under the new procedure from now (Year 2000) onward needs to come personally to Pakistan which in other words mean eg in my case (i) my insurance has expired since February 2000 and I should remain un-covered till my next visit in August 2001 or alternatively (ii) in order to get my insurance total premium of which is Rs. 500/- I should spend additionally spend Rs. 35,000 to travel to Pakistan and get it covered.

    The very "Easy" procedure which was since decades working very smoothly was changed to be most complicated under the Ministership of same Mr. Umar Asghar who today says procedure be made Easy". Point is why in the first instance an "easy" procedures was made difficult which now needs to be made easy. Or it means he is unaware of what is happening in his Ministry, Bureau of Employment or State Life re an easy procedure made too difficult.

    The system was working since decades very fine smoothly. Was in the year 2000 sky going to fall that all of a sudden it had to be changed for an applicant to come personally to Pakistan to save the sky from falling? Was this sky falling had to do something with our Chief Executive's Colombo flight remaining some 60/80 minutes additionally in the atmosphere which technically disturbed the atmospheric waves system and to save it the only remedy available was "to change Overseas Pakistanis insurance procedure from simple by mail application to personal coming to Pakistan"?

    His Excellency General Pervaiz Musharraf is very sincerely from his heart dedicately day and night working for the betterment of the country but unfortunately his tiresome efforts are not producing those results only and only because, according to a foreign newspaper, old faces are still working with him.

    As a true loyal honest Pakistani I request His Excellency the Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf to kindly see the statement of the Minister. The earlier HE the Chief Executive realises what type of people in his team are better for the country. The common man has pined all his hopes with the Chief Executive but seeing the team around him sometime same old days come into eyes. ALLAH THE GREAT may save General Pervaiz Musharaff for the sake of this Fort of Islam from hands of sour grapes.

    A minister advising to make procedure simple in whose own tenure a very simple procedure was in the first instant made too difficult, unworkable and perhaps the only example of its own in the world over, really is a point to seriously ponder over by intellectuals of the country.

    [email protected]
    26 August 2000