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Gulf Air victims

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    Gulf Air victims

    Please pray for the victims of the gulf air crash and their families. This is one more aircraft down in the last few weeks.

    May Allah forgive all the victims, and give patience to their families.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

    It ws indeed very tragic, may Allah have mercy on their souls, and shelter the children who lost their shade , and women who lost their strenghts. My heart goes out to you all.


      Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un

      We belong to Allah swt and to Him we shall return.


        Originally posted by Fraudz:
        May Allah forgive all the victims, and give patience to their families.
        May Allah give us and the families, all the strength and patience to cope with this lose. Ameen

        Fraudia.. Question ... Wudn't they be catagorized under *shuhada ppl* ...if so, then aren't they already forgiven for everything...(???)


          It was so sad to hear about the Crash. I know so many people that fly Gulf, including myself sometimes.

          Allah must have really wanted those people to be near him for them to be taken so suddenly.

          Lets all pray for them inshallah..


            I am truely sad to know about it

            May Allah bless their souls and rest them in Peace...May Allah prevent all of us from sudden Death! and give us a chance to ask for His forgiveness... Ameen.

            Be Original~!


              It was so sad

              May Allah give peace and rest to thier families, and forgive victims sins...aamin

              and may Allah help all Muslims all over the world, and track them on the way of true Islam aamian.


                My prayers go out to all the shaheeds (yes, death in the waters is considered Shahadat) and their families. May Allah forgive their sins and rest their souls in peace. And give their loved ones the courage and patience to deal with such an immense lose, in such a tragic way. Amen.


                  DB, Salam

                  I don't think so that they are Shaheed!!

                  Farudia yar! Tum to Mod say Molve bun gayie ho???? zara sunbhal kay...baRee pur khatarr rah hay!!!!



                    Sad news.

                    My father worked in Gulf Airlines for 20 years and he lived in Manama, Bahrain. He might of known some crew members in the flight.

                    Thank you, come again


                      Originally posted by Nadeem:
                      [b]DB, Salam

                      I don't think so that they are Shaheed!!

                      Wa alaikum salams!

                      Oh really now?! What if I think, they were part of that shakh which falls under the same category. Shahada has its darjay, and this is one part of it! Haven't u heard, a traveller getting killed on their way, is shaheed in the way of Allah SWT? Okay, now where is my cousin the dearest one? *screams* Got a quote or two, or hadees there Girl?
                      Wud greatly appreciate it if u cud provide some directions here... thx

                      Fi Aman Ullah!

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                        it is so sad
                        it crashed like 2 miles away from my home back in Bahrain
                        we used to play cricket on that shore near which it crashed..
                        and yes they are all "shuhadaa" anyone who is killed while travelling is a shaheed and also who drowns in water is a shaheed...
                        and in this case they were travelling and drowned.
                        may Allah forgive their sins and make us learn a lesson from this and streighten our path....

                        Till next time,
                        Allah Hafiz



                          may ALLAH 4give their sins!!!!

                          ~me r sad!!!

                          **AbhI tOu mAi JaWAn HoUn**


                            Nadeem Saheb!

                            Sorry, disagree with you. I mean they are SHAHEED. How do you say NOT?????????

                            May Allah give them the rutba-e-Shahdat, ameen!!!!



                              Munda Pakistani, thanks for the varification. Yes, indeed that is one branch of shahada. Back in School, a teacher once told us that Shahaddath had 12 levels. Being killed in an incident is the 12th shakh of it. Or darja. May we all be forgiven and may Almighty Allah subhan give us all the sense to stay close to His noor, and be amongst the righteous ones. Ameen Sum Ameen.