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We poor GUY's.

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    We poor GUY's.

    we poor guys in the west

    1) get bored easily
    2) get racist abuse
    3) have bearded guys in the mosque burp in our faces
    4) see stupid asian gals acting like white gals
    5) have to work our ass of to make a living

    i feel as if we are not treated like humans,do u agree with me.?

    if girls and boys feel as if their not treated well we must all not be humans!

    catch my drift?

    Let's face it; we're all a bunch of self-indulgent whiners

    especially the girls.


      yep, you said it


        but its true that girls are treated not very good. but if u do give them what they want and give them bsolute freedom.....thats when they misuse their freedom.
        so what should u do?

        i say u should be n the middle,dont be toooo goood anddd noootttt toooooo baddddddd.



          uthay jana chiyda heh uthay rubta paatakay labta heh.

          if u want booom paatakaaay , go to an pakistani corner shop . there u will find curry smells, over hiked prices, bad odour smells, some guy telling his life story and alcohol and tobacco available to people under 16.



            i'll agree, but i have a long time to go before i start working my ass off to make a living!

            UmMm ThOrE fUrMp


              why dont u work ur ass off now so u dont have to make a living?

              a once famous guy said ''loca signori esebria el loci sant agust lombardo''

              so do u know what i mean?


                "have bearded guys in the mosque burp in our faces"-hahahahahahehehehehehhhohohohohohohohh

                ohhhh God!! this is halarious, some one get me a glass of water ?????????????plzzzzzzzzzz.....haaaaaahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Yes i have to say, U POOR GUYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


                You think i'm Masoom?Well..your right


                  es-cupo-calahra KKK,

                  this is what a famous said to me once. it means ''their aint no clan bigger than the KKK.''

                  my clan named the KKK say guppeee hogay paki hogay.

                  so no gupies ,pleeeassse!

                  only people with the skill like me can write like meeeeee.

                  hehhe LOL, not


                    hey kkk we need u in "Gup Shup Gallery" we having problem becuz of that thread which asks "who came first, pehley murghi aie ya anda" ????

                    Ya Rab Dil-e Muslim ko wo zinda tamana dey -


                      Thank You Boys!

                      Now you all have to copy my threads!!!




                        Originally posted by BLaDeGirL911:
                        thread which asks "who came first, pehley murghi aie ya anda" ????

                        hahahahhaah hahahahhah hahhahahaah
                        hiihihihihihi hehehehehhehahhahah ahahahhahah hhhhhhhhiiiii hheheheheheh
                        hhahahhahhah haahahah eheheh ehehuhuuuhhuhhhahahhahaha hahahahhah
                        haye oye hasa hasa ke maar ditta blade ne
                        hahahah ahahhahaa ahahahhaha ahaha ...............

                        beyond the horizontmy heart gone


                          Yeah we poor guys aren't you all girl feeling sorry, man I thought you paki females we stone hearted but I didn't knew this much.