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Slavery in the Heart of Punjab!

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    Slavery in the Heart of Punjab!

    I would like to ask our Islamic zealots on this web-site to explain the below story of how small children in the thousands can be kidnapped into slavery in the heart of pakistan that claims to be 'pure' and intent on creating an Islamic state ruled by Divine law.

    One lakh children kidnapped by NGO.

    BAHAWALPUR: One lakh children were kidnapped by a Multan-based NGO Anjuman Faiz-e-Alam, 40 per cent of whom were girls, revealed a probe conducted by Army Monitoring Team.

    Most of the children, the accused said, were kidnapped at the time of Fajr prayers or offloaded from trains. The kidnapped children would either be handed back after receiving money or sold onwards, they added.

    Readers should click on below link to read full story:


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