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Why do most desi kids in west go bad???

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    Why do most desi kids in west go bad???

    What do you think is/are the reason why so many desi kids are bad in west and they are consider a "biggrii hue ullaad" back home in pakistan among more than most of the pakistanis. ???

    I have seen from desi kids(guys and girls) born here to desi teens who come here from pakistan, gone from good to bad. Its like "zameen asmaan ka farak hia now and than" not just early teens, late teens also.

    Why do they go bad and lesser the expectation of their parents?

    If you are one of those teens/kids; why have you changed or made your self like that???

    Ps: its NOT just about guys or just girls. Its both of them " Desi Kids, Desi teens"... well you get the idea. bye!

    One of the main reason is: "Freedom"
    I know so many paki ppl who start drinking, and worst they start justifying thier "social crime".

    Secondly oppertunity makes a man thief.



      interesting is right to an extent. Too much freedom can be the root of the problem. Also lack of family support, religious foundation and commuincation.

      My siblings and I were born in Canada...and Allhamdulilah..none of us are "bad" desi kids". We had freedom, to a certain extent, a firm religious hold, a cultural understanding and strong parental involvment in our lives.
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        i think it all comes down to parents.. the ppl who bring the kids up .. in a sentence if they be better guardians nothing of this sort would happen.. just my opinion ..

        Don't love everybody--specialize.. ;-)


          Yes your all right. It's like this..

          When your a baby you have your mom next to you. When you go to school, you come home she's there waiting for you. Not working at all. So she gives you 110% attention, unlike working mothers. So even when I became older, my mother would stay home with me, come home for lunch, etc. Only my father would work, and we did perfect.

          Now I may be wrong, but you need toooo much attention from your parents at a early age. If you send your kids off to babysitter, where will they learn their culture, respect, religion, etc.?

          So, that's where the freedom issue comes along. No one home to take care of them, so they go out, and hang out with the wrong crowd because no one is home to tell them who's wrong and right. Mom comes home late, dad comes home late.

          In Pakistan you always have grandparents, aunties, uncles, mom, etc.. someone at home.


            good point...yaar its all depends on parents, they just want to make money here nothing else, they think they are doing good or best but it worst.
            another thing is that our desi bachay think if they will act like Pakistani or Islamic stuff people will think they are backward or fundamatalist....
            well i jsut wish we all be good muslim or paki



              Lack of Islamic education / understanding of Islam.


                Thank you all for replying i do agree with all of you to some extent.
                I think its reponsibility of parents to watch out for their kids. And what they do around house the house, like no a days internet has become major role player in how the child develops <i hope you all know what i mean> Bad groups of friends do contribute to your behavior and how you act towards your desi parents.
                I had some Best really good friend in world who kept me from doing what most americans do at very early age and i really appreciate that. If i had bad friends at place of those friends that i have...i wouldnt be here posting this.


                  It's not the place and it'll never be the place being blamed for making good kids bad, it's the parents who need to take care of their kids and not let them go bad. It doesn't really matter what part of world you live, all it matters is if your parents are taking care of you. Not only teens who go bad but the adults too.

                  Thank you, come again


                    Intresting Question ! .. well i think it depends on the parents how they brought up their kidz.. n if the parents familierize their kids with religious values and everythin ..... frendz do contribute too but its the 75% parents dependent situation ...other 25% includez frendz, neighbourhood, media, relatives etc etc


                      I agree w/ A.H.A.T. ....

                      "The only way to have a friend is to be one."


                        Lack of Islamic education / understanding of Islam.

                        Again I am back to clarify my point. I consider "Lack of Islamic education/ understanding of Islam" the most important issue in raising a child. No matter how hard parents try to bring-up their child. If there is Lack of Islamic education, either in parents or children, he/she can go wrong as soon as he/she gets Freedom. I hope this is clear enough!


                          Yeah yeah. btw- I think sometimes that the desi's who come here when they are teens (not all of them, of course...) become more theiz than those who were born here. It is all about the freedom and parent involvemnet and Islamic values makes all the difference- but- aren't these kids who come from Pakistan where they are surrounded by that supposed to be more educated about stuff??? I've met a lot of fobs, who know right from wrong, but they still choose their own way. Anyone understand what I am saying?

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                            Well...i do agree with AkAH..and braysh all human beings have a choice ... now its up to that indiviual to make RIGHT or WRONG choice...and unfortunately most make a wrong choice...just to "fit in". <another confused concept of western society.
                            Oh i forgot to add...cable TV, Indian movies..."discovery channels" concept of "FUN" lol


                            till next time***Keep_It_Simple_Stupid***


                              Absolutely Correct - It's the Parents responsibility to bring up their kids well.. But they have to learn to give them life experiences as well as teach them right from wrong.

                              It's a fine line between how much freedom you give a child and how much you control them. Too much freedom and they may just deviate from the right path. Too much smothering and they may not know right from wrong.

                              I believe a child (Teenager?) should learn basic things like managing money, being wary of certain types of people and about consequences of their actions.

                              Parents have to do this without sounding hypocritical as sometimes it's a "Do as I say, not as I do" scenario.

                              My parents brought me up really well, but they didn't teach me anything about life. I was brought up in true typical pakistani fashion - they way my parents thought life was in the 60's.

                              I learnt about life on the streets and it was up to me not to deviate. I turned out Ok, but I know a lot of people that didn't.