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Help Brooklyn Islam Center - Donate your money.

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    Help Brooklyn Islam Center - Donate your money.

    Helloo Asaallaamu aleikum all.

    This post is about an islamic center being built in Brooklyn, New york city. First some background.

    This school is located in the heart of jews community. Dense population of jews in the area have made all the members of that area and all of NYC jews made because an islamic center will be built there. They thought it was being bought for doing some bussiness but when all the buying process was done. Than they found out that it was not for bussiness but for an islamic school. That has got all the jews communities outraged and they are now moving out of that area.

    Now this project needs your help and with help of your donation alot of people and kids will benefit. Here are some facts about the place.

    - Masjid for over 2,000 persons
    - Auditorium
    - Library
    - Kindergarden
    - Quranic School Program

    Total size: 15,000 Sq. Ft.
    Paid Amount: $300,000.00
    Balance: $300,000.00
    Construction Estimated Cost: $400,000.00

    Address is:

    Brooklyn Islamic Center
    2051 64th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11204
    Tele. 718-331-2843
    Fax. 718-777-8883

    People who are willing to donate money please make your check payable to:

    Al-Marwa Center


    Wire transfer funds to: CITIBANK
    Bank Account #: 95273414

    You can also mail your checks to the address listed above.

    Thank you for your support, may allah bless you with a home in janaat.

    BTW i have no link what so ever with the mosque or center administration. Just doing ad. because i feel like doing it. Thank you again hope you guys are generous and kind as you all seem. Thank you.

    Can you ask the gentlemen about whose got the construction contract? I have few desi friends who do commercial construction in the NYC area. Would masjid be interested in soliciting bid from these individuals? Let me know!

    Most prolly they've hired desi crew but I figured I still ask.

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      Hey # is there address them your self. Read whats said at the end of the post. Please. Bye.