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A Passage to India

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    A Passage to India

    Since this is the general discussion place and there is no Literature site here, I thought I'd ask my question here. Have any of you here read the novel "A Passage to India" by E.M. Forster and if so, what did you guys think about it? How do you feel he portrayed the Indian characters, in particular the Indian Muslim characters?

    Thanks in advance. This is pretty important for this essay I'm writing so I'd be grateful if any of you can help - just give your opinions.

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    I read that novel 7-8 years back. I remember only the mystifying effects in caves and didn't remember if muslims were targeted or not. Would read again. There is a movie adapted on the novel.

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      The book was my setwork in school 2 years ago. I really enjoyed it but surprisingly I was the only one out of 60 students who actually did! I read the book twice!

      Okay, I'll try and remember as much as I can, I do remember quite a bit because we studied it in great detail. Ask me any questions you might have.

      According to my teacher, Hinduism is glorified in the book and considered much better than Islam - that kind of pissed me off because I didn't see that reflection. I think the main character (I forget his name) and the English dude had a thing for each other, the author of the book was gay so you see a reflection in the relationships between men.

      As for the caves, Adela Quested was probably hallucinating, the whole mystifying atmosphere kind of got to her!

      I don't know if this helps, but if you have any questions ask away!!
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        I personally enjoyed the book. I think it was more of an idea into inter-racial friendship (however radical at the time of British India) that Forster dealt with. I think all the characters, Ms. Quested?? Dr. Aziz etc were fairly introvert yet open to trying on meaningful association and social intimacy. One should not forget when the book was written, looking for anti-or pro-Islamic solicit should not be a reason to read good writings.

        What I find annoying is that in every city of the west, one can find a restaurant named after the book. It belittles literary denotation.


          This has moved to the Arts & Culture Section.
          Literature does fall under that category.
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