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Oh my yo!!!!!!

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    Oh my yo!!!!!!

    I'm so exhausted.Been so many places my head is spinning oh i just heard something fall....nooooo u guyz my head just fell off...oh nuts--ouch just hit my elbow, yikes tripped over my bag.....guyz i can't find my head!!!!!!!! OooOoowww just stepped on my ear...wait a minute *GfQ scratches the place where her head used to be* AHA! i found my head.

    Alright, sorry y'all please excuse the above i'm still feeling the effects of my crazy summer From driving around Chicago's hyde park at 3 in the morning trying to find Mohammad Ali, to getting milkshaked in wonderland--no seriously i keep thinking that when we were walking back through the parking lot i was so mixed up that i was walking on my hands not my feet Hmmm what else? Went to niagara falls, for that place i only have on word..SubhanAllah….it was amazing, we’ve got nothing like it on this side.....but then again we have the rockies:-D. Visited Ajax and buffalo…again I could write on and on…but one word says it all…mashaAllah Nyc we spent less than 24hrs but the stories let me just say new york new york.So tell me, what do u say when the statue of liberty sneezes???? Give up?, alright—God bless America*rolleyes* Then Washington-dc and virgina, that was awesome....spent three days just going to the museums,monuments,gardens etc in dc and the rest just visiting...and ummm well ummm cruising in some pretty fine cars:-D

    Hmm what else? Oh yeah *mischevious smile* saw mount rushmore on the way, and took some pretty wacko pictures, if they turn out alright I might post them up in the gallery...weeeell maybe. Anyways while we were standing there, we were trying to figure out which face was which, and here’s what we figured, the one on the left was Lincoln, the next Washington, then out of the two left one had to be Jefferson, and the last one—the one with the big mustache---weeell...we thought long and hard and decided he must be Saddam Hussein;-)


    Welcome back gfq!! Ees good to hear you had a great time! And to think it all started when a game of hop-scotch became terribly long. How was the chalk down in Chicago?

    We had some wacky adventures ourselves too this summer. Well, of the intergalactic kind mostly, fighting the evil Zargons who took over the Skittles plateu, and then, finding that lota for the old geezer down the street took longer than expected. So all in all, chocolate chip is better, and yes we are still lobbying for knighthood to be granted to the color purple.

    In other news, The Artist Formerly known as The Artist formerly known as Prince but using a Symbol has decided to call himself by his former self, which is, of course, his former self by which he was known. Formerly, of course.

    anyway, let's get down to bidnis. Where's my Aam ki crate? Are newspaper shreds falling off from the sides or not?


      Was it just me who read GQ & Elmo's posts as if they were news flashes read in a very quick and serious tone which just wizzes by your head???
      Cuz seriusly, my head is like spinning at the moment.
      Even though i did suprisingly follow with what you 2 had said.
      You guys are one of a kind.

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