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boomshakalaka- i found out my main aim.haha

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    boomshakalaka- i found out my main aim.haha

    while u read my post. remember it takes a lie to find out many lies. i did this for research and to find out what people are like...
    i am not from kuwait though i am slightly connected. i actually come from newton mearns glasgow,scotland, uk i am 16 and i am joining college. its very funny cos i actually am in this generation and i know whats going on! when i was speaking of my friends cousin being screwed , it was actually my own cousin. my uncle and aunty are actually very good parents and they treat their daughters and sons very welll. many experiences i told u about are true. so is my 2 sister(cousin) like this. my young cousin who told me about his sister said it is the schools and the company she keeps.
    so please shut up ak and that other guy who tries to win by using evil words.
    at the central mosque theres 2 new molvies(imams) from england. i recently went to islamic classes and we got to know each other. last week our class went to kiddeminster for an islamic confrence. i saw these girls on the streets and my imam friend told me about birmingham and how scotland is nothing compared to england. ic ould go on all day but i would just like to say to ak 47 who recently wrote hate mail to me and her accomplice that they should be ashamed at themselves and ask allah for forgiveness.
    i gave false details about myself cos i was ashamed at my cousins and my muslim sisters.i was especially ashamed when my 10 yrold cousin said his sister tried to set him up with a girl at the mosque.
    i got the details from my brothers about these universities and colleges. for the past 2 yrs they have been warning me about the dangers about girls lookin at mum has also told me the dangers and my dad has given me certaain dwas to protect me from these girls.
    remember my bros aint stupid like ak or that other person cos ones a doctor, ones a lawyer and ones a surgeon.

    i may leave this place cos of the silly evil people here, even though most of u are good. walahowla wa la kuvita illa billa hiyul ul azim - say this 3 times ak and your friend.

    the 2 guys ur talking about are ak47 an designer. i think ak is a bit weird and id hate to meet her in a street. also ak47 u said u are not married- are u a feminist. this is against islam-in terms of not getting married with men(i mean that kind of femenism). i thought designer was a good guy but when he said that u are a pimp i was shocked. that kind of stuff is intolerable. try to be more kind designer. super is onle 16 and to call him that is really bad. if what ur saying super is true (which i think it is cos it happens in america) its sad cos i thought america ws just bad. bye.


      Salaam supersonickid,

      If you remember I replied to your posts earlier, but then I decided not to reply further as I saw emotion taking over the discussion.

      I can't recall ever hearing of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) ever getting emotion involved in a discussion.. correct me if i'm wrong here.

      I just read the details that you put on you profile..

      "Destroying people in arguments"

      Explain this my friend. Is this the 16yr old talking?

      I've been where you are now. Not understanding fully whats happening in this world but full of josh and wanting to do something about it.

      I am in no way perfect but when you see something wrong, it is your duty to do something about it. If you can't with your hands then speak with your mouth, if not this then think it in your head..

      So, you're right about what you say.. Girls are bad and boys are too.. so what? you've proved your argument... now what?

      Are you going to do something about it or are you going to move on to the next topic like a lot of people do... talk?

      I sincerely hope that you will learn from this and go out and try to do good.

      Use your dimaag (brain) for surely Allah has given it to you for a reason. If you see something wrong, go out and do your best to fix it.

      The least you can do is watch out for your family and friends and make sure they don't get themselves involved in all the haraam you've mentioned.

      Don't abuse people on gupshupp, because all you'll be doing then is letting yourself down. If you've got a point to make, then make it - just don't lose your temper, even if you're provoked.. are you strong enough?

      One more thing.. don't believe blindly what Mulana's tell you. They are human too and are prone to mistakes just like the rest of us.

      I remember once being told not to talk about the oppression of muslims in this world and to just sit in a masjid and pray.. what kind of nonsense is that?

      Now, I think you all should stop this debating because it gets you nowhere.

      Supersonickid: You've made a point, although your nievity does show. Now drop it ok? Don't lose your respect as a muslim with a view.

      As for everyone else.. Don't hide behind your screens and abuse people - Doesn't suit you guys one bit.

      There, i've said my bit.. As Malcolm X once said.

      " work.. all praise is due to Allah, only the mistakes have been mine"


        thanks cooldude,
        you are right.actually i am doing something to help these girls. i met my cousins and her friends and i explained to them that what they are doing is wrong(in an indirect way) so they dont know what their bro told me. so i am dong well. the mullah guys are in their late 20s and believe me they know what their on about and so do everyone i know. anyway forget about that. when i frst joined this forum i thought i would just muck about and wrote silly things which is what i did. but i realise this is quite serious. so when i hear people say i am wrong and saying what i see with my own eyes is not true i have to reply. i may have been abit annoying but atleast i didnt write so much foul language and abusive language!
        from now on i am going to forget about this topic unless someone writes something about it.
        by the way i am 16 and my exam results come out tomorrow so wish me luck- remember no cursing.
        also u gave me an idea- malcolm x. maybe ill write about him???
        please no more evil slander, dirty evil abuse, and look at facts not opinions.

        once again *case closed*regarding this topic.


          cooldude are u a psychologist. and a hypocrit. i read ur previous posts and u have also been naive and sometimes ignorent. the only reason why u stopped writing eas cos super was being good to u and u were being good to him. so stop being sarky and look at ur own mistakes. ur post was ok but aimed at one person, maybe u should preach other people. as u said ''use your damag''

          i think u have sycho snpactic serosis or relaye cosningent brain tumour. i think i have to operate on your hypocritical views and single minded targeted views.
          quit acting as if ur some great person. be yourself , but not be crazy(even though that is being yourself)...

          use ur damag ''big mouth , no action , ''


            i have caught u out COOLDUDE. i was beginning to like u cos of ur wise words. but i asked myself why were u only pointing me out. so ilooked in your old posts. it seems to me that in ur frst few posts u and ak47 were quite friends and ak47 said she knew whereu lived. also ak47 was asking a guy for his email to know him BETTER. as far as i know u and ak could have met eachother in england and could be good friends. when kkk spotted out u were just attacking me i was curious. it seems cooldude and ak are quite friends- i wonder why u stuck up for her?hehehehe. also u took part in a discussion about love. you were taliking about love at first sight and how u have to experience a personal relationship,etc. now i know why cooldude and ak47 were sticking up for each other. i also know why u were always against my views cos u were practising what i was seeing in scotland(remember england is worser than scotland).. i feel so upset cos u were acting pure good. u also said that whatever i saw was haram and hoped i never get involved well it seems u are already involved. u are a fraud cooldude and ak47. it seems my writing actually affects some people here. surprisingly I CAUGHT 2 BIRDS WITH ONE STONE.

            cooldude and ak47 dont reply with ur nonsense u cant hide from the truth and change it.


              dear cooldude it seems you are a hypocrit, in your profile you said your hobby is the women.

              what example is this to 16 yeAR kid.


                I want to set the record straight,
                !. I am a 27 yr old man, not a "she" 2. I am married, with two kids. 3. Me and cooldude have never met. 4. I never once denied what you said on the topic "being used and destroyed" was untrue, but I said you have exagerrated alot. 5. I live in luton, If you lived here for as long as I havethen maybe you would see differently, because such girls as you mention are in a very small minoroty. 6. I did not lie , about anything to get attention. like you. You are still a little young, naive like some one said, I shall no longer continue on this issue, basically I am Ignoring you from now & onwards. Atleast you have found some one who is a bit more on your own level "kkk" & "super". you may continue this post.................and lets not have any more insulting.

                ps super if you felt threatened at any stage then I apologize, , do not continue reffering me to being female.



                  I honestly cannot believe you guys.

                  I have never claimed to be perfect.. the only perfect person is Allah.. I am not a religiious scholar, nor do I pretend to know everything about Islam. What I do know for a fact (from Quran or Sunnah) I will put forward.

                  Super: I thought you had a point my friend, but why are you getting personal now? Nievety man, it really shows.

                  I take part in any discussion that I feel I can contribute too. I took part in the discussion about love..

                  Can Muslims not love?

                  I also took part in discussions about cars, family, Southall, Slough, etc etc.. got any comments about them?

                  I'm not going to explain myself any further as the only person I answer to is Allah.

                  And for your information Super, kkk, and any of the others that like stirring.. The reason I gave my views on this post is becuase I know what it is like. I've had girlfriends, sure I have, I've hung around with those idiots on the streets and I know full well whats going on.

                  I changed.... does that mean I can't have an opinion?

                  You think you guys have a right to judge me? Only person who can judge me is Allah.

                  Stop being Hypocrites. How can you as muslims argue about stuff like this when there is so much persecution towards muslims in this world.

                  Speak to someone who shed blood for Islam and you'll know what i'm talking about.

                  I'm smiling as i'm writing this as I can't believe such BS still exists in this world.

                  Sufimaster: You're right, it's a bad example but if you read closely, it says "thez women" - I'm punjabi, I was joking about they way some punjabi women are.. do you know what I mean!!!

                  Admin: Apologies if this is the wrong place to put these posts, but I have to say my piece. Some people here just love to cause trouble.

                  I'm going to leave you with an extract from Prophet Muhammed PBUH last sermon.

                  "Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord, and that He will indeed reckon your deeds"...

                  "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no
                  superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, and that
                  Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore,
                  do injustice to your selves."

                  Wasalaam.. Topic Closed



                    dear ak47 in supersickkids previous postings you said that you are a female and now yuo say you are a male.

                    please stop this nonsense.Are you male or female? , tell the truth now!


                      sufimaster: May I ask what sufism is?

                      My knowledge is very light in this matter!


                        to sufimaster..... I cannot recall when I said I was a female,(why would I?)....I , my friend am 100% male, please state at exactly what juncture I wrote this? At first I thought you were winding me up, but I soon realized you are serious,I have re-examined all my posts & I can re-assure you,I did not. I would like to make another point,this is a debate forum,as I am sure every one knows that, and every one has a right to voice their opinions, how ever their always going to be people with differences in opinions,would'nt it be boring if every one agreed or conformed to one attitude, and one opinion, but personal attacks on each other is the wrong way of going about this,(if I'm guilty,then I'm sorry if I offended any one).I always like to leave a good impression on other people of my self, and I would rather make freinds then enemies.



                          sorry ak you deserve an apology.



                            i read this stuff today and u make me laugh. you claimed supersonickid was being personal well if u ask me he was defending himself from ur lies and was trying to prove you wrong(which he did).nievity,i dont think so.
                            you also asked him why he didnt mention your previous topics. well considering this is about dirty people he correctly choses the neccesary information. fraud-seems like u are one. in ur profile u said when u said ''cars and woman'' why dont u change it.
                            if u really want people to recognise yourself as a good guy why dont u change it?
                            one thing iv learnt is that pakistani citzens,etc are very 2-faced ,jealous, never admit their wrong and dont want to see u succesful.
                            thankfully u only fit as 2-faced and none of the others. lets hope u can help yourself.