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the new guy in town! msge to supersonickid- gers for the league

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    the new guy in town! msge to supersonickid- gers for the league

    hi am new,

    i read ur results supersonic and mashalllah they were very good.''das ist zehr gut'' . i got 4 ones ,2 twos,1 three. it was good to see a fellow muslim get 5 ones.

    anyway i come from edinburgh and i take it u come from glasgow. u are so spot on about these fellow muslims(especially girls) i was surprised to see a few people from england saying these things dont happen in england. well im sorry to say they are real liars. supersonic- you are so right and everyone up here knows england is wher(im sorry to say) all the filth lives. in terms of meerporiyae. they cause all the problems.
    most of the people from faislabad and lahore have good lives in britain but the silly meeerpooriyae send all their assets back to pakistan and live in treacherous conditions.

    also- i say rangers for the league. and to do well i champs league.

    good, somebody is not scared of the truth.
    alot of deacent people i have met say that scotland is becoming just as bad as england because all the meerpuriyae are moving into scotland cos england is so crowded with pks, full with poverty(not all) , many bad schemes there, and ethnic fighting and drugs are starting to tarnish the pks there. theres a place called pollokshields in glasgow , it is regarded as a ''paki zone'' by the whites. for the past 4-6 yrs more pks especially from england live there. i live in one of the nicest upperclass places just outside glasgow and at my school(which im leaving) many white people know that its a rough area and know how bad it is to live their. so these people are generally giving pks a bad name.
    in my school recently pks are have been given a certain percentage of pupils allowed their. and since this iv noticed pk groups walking around shouting and use so much filthy language in urdu and punjabi. i always try to ignore walking past them cos i feel ashamed.
    these are only some examples which make me realise - what benefits are there being a pakistani. i actullly would rather be an indian,arab muslim than be a pakistani. not that im complaining!


      also ger fpr the league. i also think so cos martin o neil if going to buy all the reject signings from england like lennon, etc. we should have got someone better like the ex holland coach(who i forgot his name). anyway he could have got real class players from brazil,spain and holland.
      also most white ger fans are racist. celtic fans are not.

      go to


        hey forget glasgow, think abou atlanta. anyway are u guys talking about people from meerpoor. u are right , they have smelly manners and when u go to the mosque they burp in ur face and when they go to work they have daall smells in their breath,phewwwwww yuck smellly poos



          ranger fans are racist, but not the playes.theyre only racist to catholics.

          i dont like such songs such as
          #''follow,follow,we will follow rangers,anywhere,everywhere,we will follow one,dundee,hamilton, fk the pope and the vatican we will follow as one.''#