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read this and be shocked!! most of u probobly witnessed or saw these things anyway.

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    read this and be shocked!! most of u probobly witnessed or saw these things anyway.

    You are correct my friend, cooldude.

    I accept that u may think that girls messing about is not true, but read this.

    firstly my friends are very deacent and are normal good muslims.

    one of my friends cousin is 10 yrs old. he has 2 sisters aged 14 and 12.they both go to high school. they both live in scotlland. the 10 yr old boy is very upset and worried. do u know why??
    he found many love notes and letters and other unappropriate things which u wouldnt believe or think.
    they were sent to a guy who is 16. i saw these notes because the boy secretly photocopied them. he didnt know what to do cos hes scared to tell his parents.
    one day he followed his 14 yr old sister and saw her with older boys who were asian and girls who were asian. he approached her abd asked her what she was doing. she then start swearing at him and threatning him. hes now scared of her because she threatned to make up stories about him.
    this boy also goes to the mosque, yes the mosque.with his 12 yr old sister. this so called rare event that u say never happens occured. her friend liked the boy so she start sending the 10 yr old boy cards and other tings. the 12 yr old sister even encoraged her brother to ''do out with her''
    i could go on all night but to finish it off.......whenever these 2 girls go to school tey are supposed to wear a scarf. but one day when their father left the girls off school thay ran towads the school amongst the crowd. their brother asked why later on and they said '' are u crazy, my friends would have made fun of me and my boyfriend, omar would be embarresed.''
    the boy who i cant name said this starts mostly in the mosque and this is where his sisters started going in the wrong way. they apparently got astray when they used to go to a mosque in motherwell and unfortunately this takes place in the central mosque of scotland which is in glasgow.

    so there u are, these things are not rare occurences. would u believe it or not, englands asians are supposed to be the cause of this trend as they are 5-9 yrs ahead of scotland when it comes to these satanic acts.

    can u all predict what it will be like for the generation that are 5 yrs old in 30 years time. i can!!!!!

    one final thing!!!

    this family got a guest from america. he said he had lots of girlfriends and was quite serious.. so i think i know what americas like considering america is sopposed to be 10 yrs ahead of britain

    tifl e afzal al saut
    i.e. supersonic kid.

    Your discussions will be better streamlined if you continue them in one thread rather than opening a new thread for each response

    Just thought you may wanna know
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      your right, i just made a few mistakes!!!!

      anyway, do u think am right!!!!!!!! where are u from, i bet u know some people are screwed!!!


        You're missing my point..

        I never said it didn't happen..

        These things DO happen, i'm sure they do. Even I know of people that are like that..

        What you have to do is look at it in context.

        For every bad apple you can point out there are a hundred people not like that. For every man or woman that loses their self respect, there are many that don't.

        I know of men and women that sell themselves short by giving in to their desires, but at the end of the day it is their life... only when they realise it is wrong will they stop. I doubt shouting at them or looking down at them will help, Allah doesn't teach us to do that.

        The example you gave was of a 12 yr old girl? What was she doing unsupervised anyway??

        At the end of the day, you can scream till your blue in the face about western society, but wouldn't it just be better to try and do something about it?

        I know very well what it's like to be in the wrong crowd, and I know very well what it's like to be a muslim in this country too..

        If a woman has the support from her family and friends, she won't need to find attention elsewhere.. especially from men she hardly even knows!!!

        Mashallah, so many good things are happening here that i'm sure you're going to see a revolution in the next few years... Lets wait and see shall we....


          I am from all over my friend.

          What you have is a classic example of the influence of a culture and that is something you should keep in mind i.e. Not all desis in UK/USA are that way, but many of them get influenced by the culture there and dont have strong and mature enough parental guidence and family influence to counter the bad aspects of the culture.

          We have this stuff going on in Pakistan too Simply put...every single friend of mine has had some sort of affair in Pakistan, The definition of affair here is a mutual fondness and communication for that, whether it was one guy dating a girl, or one guy just hanging out with the girl at university, or one guy exchanging notes and calls.

          Its is indeed tough to raise kids in the west, and requires extra parental support.
          Unfortunately in Pakistan quite the opposite happens and parents feel that just because they are in a muslim country and that they hear azaan 5 times a day, they dont have such responsibilities.

          The crowds of chichoras at every single girls college in Pakistan as well as people staring at women, or grabbing them in public places is a testament to that.

          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



            You're right.. it's not a Uk, USA or a specific culture thing...

            I went to Pakistan last year and naturally I wore Shalwar Kameez there.. (why wouldn't I?).People couldn't believe that I didn't want to be trendy like them and wear latest designer gear.. (they are soooo cool aren't they LOL!) and they were really shocked when I used to say it was time for namaaz..

            According to them the only time you're supposed to pray is when something bad happens or when you want your exams to go well. (Not everyone said this, mind!)

            All credit to Pakistan, it's the land my parents were born in it's the land that I belong to. But that doesn't mean that everyone there is automatically good. Sure, the women seem to have more shame than they do over here and in the US, but what happens in the shadows?

            I couldn't believe that someone I knew and trusted would flirt with me and..... But in front of others she was a sweet innocent girl.. Hmmm..

            And the MEN, my god. The amount of fights I got in because these stupid perverts couldn't keep their eyes off people in my family.. Didn't their mother teach anything about respecting women? clearly not!

            Now, my point here is that when I was younger, I used to think Pakistan was this Pak and holy land, unlike the UK or US etc... Now I realise that it is just as bad.. things just don't happen in the open thats all..

            Any comments?


              Cooldude , you are so so so right.
              infact you are 100% right. when i went to pakistan last year all the guys were looking at my cousin, especially in the bazaars. also, everyone expects (especially europeans and americans) not to wear shaalwar kumeez and expect outsiders to be western. my brother went with a beard and everyone was shocked and were even saying shave it off because only fundamentalists have beards.
              pakistan has changed, but i believe for the worst.


                You are right about the beard.. What is a fundamentalist anyway?? someone who practices Islam???

                I fear that in Pakistan, things will get worse before the get better. When the norm becomes like over here, then people will stop and think about it. They'll want to be different and would want to associate with Islam more.. like what is happening here..

                The problem I see is that muslims are either expected to be men with long beards who sit in a mosque all day or women who wear Hijab and just sit at home.

                How untrue this is. I am a muslim and I pray. Certain things I do that are wrong, I know, and inshallah I will correct them. I enjoy myself, go out, have a cool car (hehe), hang out with friends etc..... but I still hold on to my identity as a Pakistani Muslim..

                Anything wrong with that?


                  well yaar we are mostly munafeqeen. ander se kuch aur baher se kuch.
                  but i really was not schocked. hahahahah hypocrites and munafeqeen

                  beyond the horizont°°°my heart gone


                    is there any other culture or country that acts the same as pakistan. everytime i go to pakistan a new shock arises.the beard being a new one.
                    one other thing- marriage culture. am i imagining this or not. half the things that happen in a pk marriage come from the hindu culture. do research and youl be shocked to find out when comparing hindu and pk marriages.
                    what car have u got. is it as good as a bmw convertible turbo diesel injection (with alloy wheels) hehehee


                      i cant agree more with you guys...cooldude and supersonickid, the situation in Pakistan is definitely growing worse and worse, and when our families migrated from Pakistan to other countries...naturally they brought with them the values (the true values) and raised us the next generation with these values and ideas. Which is why as we were growing up we always heard the Religious Islamic ways which are taught in Pakistan, and NOT what was currently happening and the changes being made, even if these changes were being made unawaringly. It seems today that the majority of Pakistanis have developed or accepted Western ways of thinking...thus life...and have CHOSEN to actually leave behind Islamic influences. It's almost as though they recognise themselves to be Europeans or Americans rather than Muslim Pakistanis. It's ridiculous since all this time when we were growing up we were taught about the strictness of Pakistan, and once we got there it almost felt as though we were the 'backward lot'! Now this is no insult to any of you who this does not relate to. Ofcourse there are people in Pakistan who are very consious about their nationality religion and culture. But being a British, i think i have been disillusioned by what ive seen.

                      Yours sincerely and admirably and lovingly


                        I think regardless of where you live, it is only a matter of the kind of upbringing one has. Modesty, religious values, morals, ethics, all start at home. If parents tell their kids what is right, what is wrong from the start, and place their trust in the "tarbiyaat" they have transferred to their child, then there is no way the kid will go stray.


                          yuuuu are so right aunty jeeeee. society has nothing to do with it , neither does music, neither does having bad friends and even media such as tv has nothing to do with it.

                          lets all blame our parents , its all thier fault that they brought us here and took us away from poverty. its also their fault for working their ass of for us and not giving us any attention, its gotto be alllll our parents fault innnnittttt !!!!!!!!


                            You missed the whole point of what I was saying. If kids go astray it's because they haven't had the right kind of upbringing. If one's parents teach them the difference between right and wrong from day 1, then the child wouldn't listen to bad music, wouldn't make bad friends or hang around bad company and wouldn't watch vulgar movies or be a part of western media. Tarbiyaat starts at home. Every person is a living evidence of what kind of family they come from and what kind of brought up they have had.


                              100% agree Rishmeena