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What Should be the right age to get Married?

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    What Should be the right age to get Married?

    Assalam-alaikum All,

    What should be the right age or time to get married?

    Should we get married ASAP because it's the right thing to do, or should we wait until we're ready?

    But then how do you know if your ready?

    Love to hear your comments.


    I am planning to get married inshAllah next year when I will be 25. I believe this is a perfect age as I will have finished my intital professional qualifications and by the time my kids are teenagers I will not be a budha!!!

    But ofcourse that still leaves the question of whether I am mature enough to get married but i think that is where our system helps a lot by providing family support.

    Most fortunate is the one who makes a few good friends in this world, most unfortunate is he who makes them and then loses them through his actions.


      I think 25 is a good age too.. After a man stands on his own 2 feet right?


        For women between 21-25 for men between 25-28.
        We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


          I'd agree with Fantasic1, though I got married in the age of 29. I think a male gets maturity from 27 ...... but it depends upon individual as well.


            Najim: How did you know you were ready?


              I agree with Fantastic.

              The light you see at the end of the tunnel is always a train.


                am i the only one thinks that finishing up a college degree and working at a starting job at the age 25 arent good enuff reasons to get married ?? i think u should work for a couple of years, make & save some money, get a more reliable high security job.. and then get married.. now that whole thing will take atleast if nothng else but 3 - 4 years ezily.. and by then u will be 27- 28.. talking about guyz here casue in the end its the guy who provides the family with a living in desi culture.. .. u dont wanna just jump into a marriage adn then later realize financial problems later on ..look ahead .. ;-)


                  On the other hand.. once you start working you can afford a family.. can't you?

                  If I get married at 28, i'd be 40 when my kid is 10!!


                    Originally posted by Yankee:
                    am i the only one thinks that finishing up a college degree and working at a starting job at the age 25 arent good enuff reasons to get married ??
                    I agree that these are not good enough reasons to get married. But the age you mention is kinda old for a person just starting job. For example I am only 24 and finshed my degree at 21, been working for 3 years and completed my professional accountancy qualification this year. So 25 is a good age and for most of my acquaintences it is the same where you are well set by 25 so why wait?

                    One who takes lessons from the events of life, gets vision, one who acquires vision becomes wise and one who attains wisdom achieves knowledge.



                      You have a typical UK-Mirpuri approach. Well its not ur fault because you were told this way since u were a child. (I am not saying u are a mirpuri, u might be or might not be).

                      I knew I was ready because, I enjoyed the time, Did the job for few years, made myself a bit reasonable .... and when I thought that "I am mature enough to take the resonsibility of children and a marital life" I got married but I really had to push myself for it ..... because most of the people know that I always said to myself that I would die un-married.

                      I am against the idea of finishing the studies, get a job and then get married straight away ..... and have a child in the age of 26. As far as the concept of child being 10 when u are 40 .... doesn't make much difference, because who comes in this world bring his/her own fate, my presence will make little difference, or may God gives me the age of 95 then?

                      In the End,
                      her cheez ka waqt muqarar hay, you never know what will happen at what time.

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                        Najim: hehe... i'm not Mirpuri!

                        I suppose my situation is slightly different. I graduated at 21, have been working for 2.5 years and am considering getting married now.

                        It is important to me to be there for my kids, you're right though, that is up to Allah at the end of the day.

                        I can see myself getting married at 25 actually.

                        Oh well, thanks for the comments


                          Hello people...I think the desicion when to get married should be left up to the couple who are tieing the knot, how ever it is best to be able to support your self/s, or if your planning a family to be able to support any children, the newly weds have,on the matter of 'support',some ppl progress in life further at a younger age then others, all the people are in different situations,I don't think there is a right age,or a wrong age,I think the important thing is that both partners are willing.and happy.