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    Get a Life ....

    When somebody tries to convince someone about the importance of pardah in Islam, one (mostly girls) says "Get a life ..."

    When somebody tries to say that gf, bf thing is bad, one says "Get a life ..."

    When somebody asks for a gf on a forum, one says "Get a life..."
    etc etc

    What is this "Get a life..."?
    Is this rejection of Islam?
    Is this rejection of advice?
    Or by saying that, we try to convince other ppl that he who follows islamic norms hasn't got any life?

    Please comment. Negative, positive all welcome!

    Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?

    'get a life'...usually is said when the person telling the advisor 'get a life' doesnt want any kind of advise...and thinks/knows what they are currently doing is fine. and it has nothing to do with others who dont agree with him/her. i suppose its usually sais to parents, older family members and friends who either really care for their buddies...or who wish to leadr them astray...

    Yours sincerely and admirably and lovingly