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    Work + School

    I wana know how many of you guys/gals work and go to school at the same time. I have been doing this for 2yrs now and now I really feel tired. How you people keep track of bills (car insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, car payments, cell phone payments, CC payments, Internet payments, school related awork and so on)

    Do you have any suggestion towards having a nice student life... a student who is only limited to studies. any suggestions or comments. Please share anything that come to your mind.

    Wasim, i totally know how you feel..
    i used to work fulltime and go to school full time at night for about three years.

    try taking up a hobby..something u enjoy..doesn't have to take up too much of yer time.

    join one of those school clubs too..

    and how did i manage... lots of day planners, agenda to keep track of everything.. and friends to micromanage my life in case i missed something.

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      I used to work but I couldn't handle the work load with my studies. So I stopped working and concentrated on studying only.
      Life gets pretty tough but you have to live with it.
      I do have a mobile phone but I got my connection disconnected because I didn't recharge it ... so I have to get a new one

      Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


        you know what helps ??? getting a job u really enjoy doing.. then u guyz mite not feel tired after working adn stuff.. i worked almost 3 years too out of 4 and went to skool at the same time.. now i only work and miss skool.. :-( .. how u can manage it all at the same time.. just think of it this way .. there are ppl who went thru even mroe hardships than this.. so if they ccould do it .. u SURE can too .. ..


          I work full time and go to school full time. I used to work in computer labs and now I work as CO-OP in computer firm. I like the way it is. I would be leaving school soon which I hate . I am the most irregular guy on earth. All my bills r late, receipts lost, documents sent to trash etc. The only criteria my mom has for a wife for me is someone who can make me a little organized-that seems impossible to me.

          I had a life, now I have computer and a modem
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            A good number of students and ex-students in the west go through the similar lifestyle that you're talking about here. So atleast when we say we understand what you're saying, we pretty much meant it.

            Students usually feel compelled to work along with studies when they have mounting expenses. If you want to cut down on work and concentrate on your school life, then I suggest trimming some of your expenses. With this, you may gradually phase out your need to earn to pay those bills. If, however, you feel these expenses are needed to sustain your lifestyle, then try taking out some loans (If you're a foriegn student, then I guess this option is not so easy to exercise).

            You may also want to cut down on credit hours to better accomodate work and school. This will delay your graduation a bit, but you won't be so boggled up with a schedule crunch. You can even make up the credit hours during summer sessions if you don;t want to delay the graduation.

            Hang in there dude. One day you'll look back and smile on these days and appreciate the hard work. It'll payoff. Trust me!


              Yes, we have been there and ghalib has provided some very sound advice.

              The best option for you is to cut down on your expenses. You'd be surprised to know that life does go on without that cell phone and without a night out every week. Gosh, even a movie will cost you about $12 if you include a snack! That's a couple hours work if you're a part-timer.

              Some other ways to cut down your expenses are to take a close look at your grocery list.....go down to generic items when purchasing raw materials for cooking....they are pretty much the same quality as brand names. Try to purchase raw goods as much as possible because prepared foods cost extra.

              If you have already cut down your expenses then the best thing is to cut down your credit ghalib has already explained.

              Finally, some people find that they are tired from lack of physical exercise. Yes, believe it or not, you may not be getting enough exercise. Try taking in a game of squash or going for a few laps in the pool. Not only will this relieve stress, it'll improve your health too.

              Good Luck!

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                I work 7 days a week.. 5 days at one place and 2 days at anther...and I study at nite also...and yes it is very very tiring....but you gotta do what you gotta do......all i can say is u have to have good friends and family to help you out a little..

                DoNt hAtE me! I'm just a BRAT

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                  Amber, Yahoo!, Yankee, Degas, Ghalib, Muzna & YoungbRAT

                  Thanks for all your input. I really like ghalib's, Muzna's, and Amber's advice on organizing my life and monitoring what I do. Having a day planner is nice but you know I am not good in multi tasking.
                  Muzna ji, I don't even have time to get my car washed, how can I go to movies and stuff. I really liked your suggestion of regular exercise.

                  Ghalib bhai your may be right. I should get a loan and say good-bye to my job cause then I will be free for studies. If I quit working for a year, I am not losing much it is just $30,000. It is easy for me but then I think borrowing is not good habbit.

                  Degas bro I guess I am sort of like you. So the solution is that if you get a nice girl and if she has a sister then please do remember me

                  The problem I am facing is that my major requires lots of time in labs but I have limited time. Last term, in one course I got a low grade. that's why I am worried.

                  I can't stay up after 1AM. Do you have any suggestion. please help me out.

                  Any nice study plans/habbits?

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                    Wasim, I'm going through exactly the same ordeal...ghalib and degas have good suggestions...last spring semester, I messed up in two courses just because of's irritating...but, I'm working on it...Thanks for the thread...I'm not the only one...I'm working on a few ideas, if they prove right I'll let you know...take care...