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    Motor Bike Riders

    For some reason everyone's been talking about cars and driving etc., these here I am to complain about some people that are on the roads....those darned folks on motor bikes!

    They seem to think that they have full rights to squeeze in and around your vehicle. As if the motor vehicle code does not apply to them!

    When learning to drive a car we were always taught to be careful of motorbikes; to look out for them and make sure to give them loads of space. They were pegged as "fragile" and were given the privilege of additional care.

    What do we see now? Well, the smallest of cracks in traffic jams are immediately filled by these critters. It's almost like a rickshaw back home....if they can manage to get their front end through....the rest just follows....sorta like a cat (i.e. if the head fits through the body surely will).

    The other day we were on our way to the mall and in rather busy traffic witnessed three bikes approaching very rapidly. Feeling rather unsafe we steadied our vehicle and made no quick moves giving them time to judge that there was not enough room for them to safely squeeze by between us and the car in the lane to our right.

    Did they slow down? No! Did they use their indicators to let us know of their intents? No! They sped by weaving between three cars at dangerously high speeds. The only way we knew what the second and third bikers were going to do was by assuming that they were following the first and would attempt the same manoeuvre.

    People like that should be stripped of the privilege to drive.