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    The Monarchy

    Being the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday today prompts me to write this:

    Most desis and half the British public are against the instituition of monarchy, citing the immense cost of the Queen on her tax-payers.

    Research and statistics prove that The Royal Family generates more money for the nation than they cost to keep. Six and a half times as much, in fact! (Can any political leader claim as much?).

    This is done through trade alliances with old dependant states / Commonwealth, and of course, tourism....the biggest earner.

    They are world renowned for their charitable work. Millions of pounds are raised for non propfit organisations simply by their attendance / affilliation.

    Some Royals have over 400 engagements per year....a gruelling task for anyone!

    I'm curious to know what other people's opinion is on the subject.
    (now I'll dive for cover..go ahead ..the thread is yours)

    Wow! I'm surprised there isn't more opposition to the Monarchy here at GupShup.

    For some reason I thought that we would have many people against and few in favour. I was wrong.


      Or maybe just not interested.

      Im not in the UK, so i dont know what impact monarchy directly has on the country, but I will take heed from anokhas figures of monarchy making more money than is spent on it. Thats all i can do though, cause i dont really believe in research and statistics. Unless something has a direct impact on the lives of the people, it cannot be considered fruitful. Research is done within closed doors, based on stagnant ideas. Politicians go out in the world, make decisions that impact the lives of the public, and most reap benefits right away. What the royalty draws, for the most part, is spent right back on them. Apart from that, you also have to consider the social divide it creates. Even though even with normal political figures we end up giving them the status of a god, but its much more deep rooted with monarchs. And the biggest problem that i would personally have is that its a family affair, in that noone from the outside can step in. If it were thru an election process, it would perhaps be understandable, in that everyone gets a chance to sit on the throne. But with monarchy being inherited, its a one family picnic. The citizens of the country dont directly reap the benefits that are drawn from it. Then again, i might be wrong. I just dont see much purpose to monarchys. I see it as an uptight mother in law who does nothing but sit on her bum all day, and gets her sons salary, keeps the keys to the house, and orders around her subjects.

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