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    So how did u learn it ? where and what kinda car was it ? how was your first
    experience ?
    I just learned it last year when I went to Pakistan .. my uncle taught me and he let me use his old suzuki swift 92' model with manual gears which he rarely uses ... I feel sorry for the car

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    Young Drivers....
    Well, i'v driven a whole bunch of cars...of family & the instructor
    My 1st experience of driving a car?? It suxed so much...
    As much as i knew theoretical wise, it was totally something else practical wise. But like, now, it's like riding a bicycle....both off & on the 401 It's so much fun. But, gotta be careful & all @ the same time.
    I've learnt/use an automatic gear thing..i wanna learn driving a manual one..


      driving a manual one is like aaahhhhhh which gear should I shift to? ... oh no! the gear is stuck arrghh .. these things happen in the start then, it's all easy


        Driving a stick shift (manual) is the best! You have complete control of the car..

        Anyway, I passed my test when I was 17 and bought myself a 1983 Toyota Corrola from my hard earned money!! That car was amazing.. it even survived a boy racer like me!

        Nowadays i drive very well when Ammi Jaan is in the car, as a get a clout round the ear if I don't. She always complains about me having a 2 door car.. you know.. the way punjabi mums complain!!!

        Driving at night in London is really cool... esp in the summer


          Dont laugh, I learned driving on Beatle, definately a stick shift (manual one), and I was only 9 years old. I used to steal/nick the car keys of my fathers table and just try to drive it. One day I was successful and I drove it for few yards and slowly I gained the confidence and brought the car on the road on day. I never sat in a car with L plate/sticker or a learner sign on it. I was caught one day by my DAD because he wanted to go somewhere and he thought car was stolen but he found me missing as well so he figured it out, but he was very friendly and told me that I should drive when he was sitting with me so he could point out the mistakes. First test I passed when I was in Saudi Arabia, I was really lucky. Saudi licence expires every five years and is re-issed on medical examination but I never had to renew it because I was not living in Saudia anymore. I hate automatic cars, because automatic car drives u .... u dont drive the car, but is really helpful in traffic jams.


            I was a late bloomer when it came to driving. The fact that my dad is an extremely cautious driver and a really tough instructor..prevented me from getting much driving experience.

            I got my first license when I was 17 in US and drove a Mustang Mach 1 for it which belonged to one of my fraternity brothers.
            Since then I have gone thru various cars but I still remember my first toyota GTS.

            I love driving, but hate traffic jams
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              I am being FORCED to learn how to drive by my father, I'm 19 and not in the least bit keen to get my license! I hate the stupid clutch and I hate stalling...I even have my own car, a mazda 323 and my friends are very jealous! If there are any drivers out there willing to offer their services, please do step up!
              Oh, and I've already smashed one headlight...tee hee
              A samurai bares no sign of weakness, even when dying of hunger.


                I learned driving in my 10th grade, in pak. My dad had a nissan sunny 1989. It was manual. I didn't enjoy driving that much but I loved the sound system in it. so I kept driving until I learned driving ... never had an accident (thanks God) .... and never had a licence I still hate driving and I still don't have my licence

                Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


                  I remember stealing my dad's Ford Cortina and driving around the back streets and putting it back without being noticed....but one day as I turned into our back alley, I saw him staring at me from the bedroom window....I was frozen with fear. He leant out the window surpressing a smile and told me to park it facing the other way!! We never talked about it after or since.
                  I was 13 years old.

                  I passed within 3 weeks of my I was desperate to be mobile. My first car was an was 3 months younger than me and cost 104 pounds.

                  You never forget your first car.

                  Driving for me is an addiction. Even though we have one of the best transport systems here in London, I cannot and will not use public transport....unless I get to drive the train myself!

                  Now that doesn't make me a control freak, does it?!!!!


                    First time I sat in the driver seat it was for fun, I was 13 in an '86 300ZX and I had my little sister pushing, (dont worry, the car had no engine in it) it was funny because we were on a private drive but people from the street came and helped her push...they thought we broke down
                    ...but I drove on the road (with an engine) when I was 15 it was an '86 200sx, with a bad clutch, busted glass, and ugly as sin... got sooo scared that I kept going 15mph under the whole was still fun though, now a days its so natural you don't even think about it...


                      I m 2 young 2 drive.


                        Give a man a car and sooner or later he will have a crash.. a real crash - something that gets noticed and can be fixed


                        once I let a girlfriend (friend who is a girl for all the pakistanis out there) borrow my car. When I got it back I noticed the front bumper had a scratch on it and had partly (just slightly) been dislodged.

                        Of course when I showed this to her, she didn't understand why it was such a big deal. She had accidently "touched" a pillar in the car park!

                        "it's only a car!" she said and "you can't even notice it if you don't look at it"

                        Is it just me, or am I not justified to make a big deal out of something like that? It's the priniciple at the end of the day.. right!!!!

                        Any comments?


                          It is very hard to get driving license in Dubai. Dubai police is very strict and they don't neglect even minor mistakes. Any way I started learning in 1989 and it was Corolla 1988.