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    Which one is worse .. Weed or ecstasy also known as MDMA ???
    They're both worse than poison as far as I know ... infact all of these things tied to 'nasha' are dangerous and yes that includes cigarattes.

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    From a scientific point of view Ecstasy is a lot worse, because it floods your neual paths in your brain with the drug.. thats where the high comes from..

    A few reports from the bbc website suggest that long term use of ecstasy can lead to mental problems including memory loss and lack of concentration.

    Weed (Marajuana/Dope) has a lot of medical benefits but lately they are suggesting that it can be more harmful than cigarattes. The tobacco is normally inhaled without a filter.

    Did you guys know that certain brands of cigarettes have been linked to impotence in men?

    Come on guys.. give it up!!!



      Ive done vicks, tylenol, advil and bayer aspirin.
      Also done motrin, but it doesnt get me as high.


        i think E is worse than weed..

        there is a big debate going on in toronto about this (e and raves, weed-pain mgt) and the courts stuck down the laws pertaining to possession of weed so that they have 1 year to rewrite the laws to include marijuana for medical purposes or else the existing laws will no longer be valid.

        i think it has only been 15 years since E has been illegal though...thats what i heard on an nbc show.


          i dont know but hashish is the best yaar. a smooth sootta and u r in dreams.

          my heart ismade of questions