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And they blame Islamic laws?

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    And they blame Islamic laws?

    From the New York Times, July 28

    NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (AP) -- A tourist clung to a well-placed rock in the middle of pounding rapids near the brink of Niagara Falls as rescuers teetered across a fallen tree to reach him.

    John Dwyer, 30, of Newport, R.I., would have been swept over the Horseshoe Falls in less than a minute had he lost his grip, New York State Park Police said Friday, a day after the rescue.

    ``He was hanging on. I don't know how long he was there,'' Chief Vincent Iacovitti said. ``He indicated to the officers he was there a long time.''

    Dwyer was treated for shock and exposure at Niagara Falls Medical Center and later charged with reckless endangerment for risking the lives of the officers who rescued him, as well as disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration, police said.

    He was arraigned Friday in Niagara City Court and was being held on $1,000 bail. He was unavailable for comment at the city jail.

    This sounds extremely ridiculous to me. The man had a near death experience. Is it too much to ask the police to spare him the agony or embarassment of going through indictments, and jail time? I have seen murderers do less time!!

    Although this thread has a serious touch to it, but its hilarious. Poor guy... Asman say gira kajoor mie atka. I wonder if he's just fined for a specific reason. I mean if the guy was just there and it all happened without control, I think its not just to charge him up with the fine. However if he was attempting suicide, then it wud've made sense.



      Exactly my point. Out of the frying pan into the fire. Granted the guy was trying to have fun by doing something stupid, but I think he learned his lesson already by hanging against death for a long time. There was no further need to charge him. He was charged with endangering the lives of the question...what the heck are the officers trained to do?


        he must have went to goat island..

        that is where the rapids are before the falls and it is easy to get swept up in the current if you are not careful..because there are no barriers there.


          Actually he went in from the 3 sisters island......a dumb move....but doesnt warrant fine and jail time, does it?


            And what if it were that this man died and the rescue team failed to aid his need for help? I think it would have been a completey different story as viewers would have pitied him and even feel sympathetic. I think the underlying basis is that the outcome proves everything, and the intention holds nothing.


              Perhaps i've missread somewhere, but just curious, why is the title "And they blame Islamic Laws" how does it relate to ur post here?

              Still feeling sorry for the poor guy. I guess fun comes with price too



                To my understanding, Akif means that American's laws are not only radiculous but also brutal, and they blame Islamic laws as being barbaric...

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                  Thank You Shaheen


                    Dunno Akif. Though at first glance it does sound stupid to charge the guy...but who knows if he did learn his lesson or not.

                    I've come across many people that repeat their mistakes...even when they have already lost quite a bit the first and second time around.

                    Maybe this guy was being a total idiot and ended up hanging there despite clearly posted warnings etc. Even though the cops are trained to risk their lives to save people, is it fair of one person to knowingly put himself in danger and expect them to put their lives on the line to save his?


                      Muzna...very true. I dont condone his silly actions. But, laws are supposed to be made in perspective, with the ability to reflect the severity of a crime/act. This wasnt even a crime. It seems money has more power than justice. A murderer after killing a couple of people can post a million dollar bail and be out of the cell, and pay millions to his lawyers to get him out with practically no jail time. And here we have a poor man languishing in jail with noone to bail him out in lieu of $1000, just because he jumped in a river. Maybe he still didnt learn a lesson, but what about the celebrities and big shots who get chances after chances to right themselves, all because of their high profiles?
                      My idea was to chalk out the difference between western and islamic laws based on which is more just. I have no problem saying that the american justice system is perhaps the best in the world, in that the law is almost always applied. But, at the same time, the laws that are applied, are some of the most ridiculous in the world. So essentially the two dont make a good match.


                        Money has more power than justice......I totally agree with you on that. This has been and likely will be the case for a long time to come.

                        I also agree with your stance on the claims made that Islamic laws are barbaric. Some of the stupidest laws I've seen are in the United States.....gosh, there was this site that I knew posted the silliest laws by state....will let you know if I can find it again.

                        But on the given example.....the guy should be in jail....mischief is a crime and he may be guilty of it....especially if it leads to other lives being jeapordized. It's like some Islamic laws seem very severe but they serve as "prevention" rather than simply "punishment".


                          >> But, laws are supposed to be made in perspective, with the ability to reflect the severity of a crime/act.

                          In that case Akif it's not the law but the judgement of the judge who ruled him to be put behind bars for $1000 bail. Laws are general outlines for the protection of the society, they can't be too specific many times. The judge could have chosen a less severe punishment for the guy, say, two weeks of community service with $200 fine etc. but he/she didn't.

                          This is different than some other perspective, say, in which a person murders other human being in which case judge has to stick with specific guidlines law provides in such a case.


                            Originally posted by Muzna:
                            gosh, there was this site that I knew posted the silliest laws by state....will let you know if I can find it again.

                            Doesnt a lil common sense responsibility lie with police officers as well? They should know when to go all out and when to take it easy, because once police charges a person with something, the judge will more than likely proceed with those charges and take the cops side, rather than issue an injunction saying the charges are overkill......unless the defendant has Johnny Cochran for a lawyer.


                              Oh of course it does.....a great deal of responsibility lies with them. Often what they say is taken as gospel by the justice system.

                              But think about it if you were in their shoes.....if you had to put your life on the line for an idiot that decided he was gonna be a show-off to his friends. Wouldn't you be just a little bit ticked off? I would be, I'll be honest about it.

                              Meanwhile if the same time and efforts were applied towards another needy situation the policeman might have been all too ready to lay down his life in the name of the law.....but for someone who obviously (and I'm assuming here) showed no regard for his own or other lives....well, I dunno.

                              And yeah...thanks, that was the site.