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    Would You Move?

    In London a newspaper has decided to expose paedophiles. Yesterday for the second time they published a list of people (some with pics) that have been convicted of child molesting.

    Many in the city are in an uproar.......some saying that it's unfair to those convicts that are on their way to rehab. And many that suggest it's putting the children further at risk due to retaliation on the part of the convicts.

    How would you vote on the matter? Would you like to see the list published in your city?

    Furthermore, what would you do if you discovered that one of these folks are living next door to you?

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    I would want to know.......

    1 question though: how could the kids be put under more danger cuz of whta's happening to the convicts? Do you mean the convicts would want to get-back/harm the children even more?



      Yes, I think that's precisely the danger that they are worried about....the convicts retaliating against being exposed.


        I know it is unfair to some but i think we should still know!!


          The danger from the convicts is that they will go into hiding...change their names, appearances, and relocate into new communities.

          At present they are closely monitored by the police and social workers/doctors but if they run away and hide then the children in the new communities are at much greater risk.
          The convicts know they are not being watched.

          There are a cases of where this had happenned...and the convicts were found working in childrens' playgroups and kindegartens!!!!!!!!


            Regardless of everything else, I think folks living in that part of the world have a right to know, what's going on around them. That way they can keep their kids and themselves save from such maniacs...And under no circumstances should these people be let out on the loose, even during rehabilitation process.


              This is farily serious issue, in my opinion once convicted should'nt be trusted again. His photograph, real name, age (date of birth) etc should be provided to all schools (for youngs) so the school authority dont do a mistake of employing them. Something comes on the parents shoulders as well and they should take care of their children ..... by dropping them school themselves and telling them properly not to talk to strangers etc etc. But u never know what is happening (when it is happening) or what will happen. I know a case in Canada where a father was a pedo and he was abusing his own children.


                What about those tags they put on ex-cons once they are on parole etc.

                They can then be monitored wherever they are. Wouldn't that be better than just letting them roam free?

                Personally, I find people who commit sexual crimes scum. And IF they are guilty, they should be stoned to death.


                  I think it's important for parents to know. May be the punishment of such crimes should not only be the conviction but also the exposure the convicts will receive later on, hence adding severity to such heineous crimes and aiding in its prevention.

                  However, I do think that it's not fair to have such record attached to a convict for the rest of his/her life. That will also in turn deter any reform as well. May be rehab status of convicts should also be known to the public so that people can see what kind of reform stages a convict has gone through and how does his/her record shows now.

                  After all, there is much more risk involved in the case of a recent convict compared to the one of went through rehab and been straight for 5 years.


                    CoolDude...that's an excellent idea...Electronic Tagging!
                    They don't use them because of damm do-gooders who claim breech of privacy or some other infringements.

                    A little bit of comonsense would not go amiss
                    from the judges and lawmakers.


                      Those that are not aware of what's been happening since News of The World published the "Named & Shamed" lists should take note:

                      Two days ago a crowd of more than 200 gathered and grossly vandalized a convicted child molestor's home. His windows were broken, home looted and a vehicle just outside set on fire. I believe riot police had to be called in to break it up.

                      The same vandals also attacked the local council office; breaking windows etc.

                      All this because his identity was revealed in the paper. Until two days ago the police were keeping track of him and life was going's a different story.