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Don't waste time on such gupshup...please

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    Don't waste time on such gupshup...please

    Our youth please!!!
    Don't waste ur valuable time on such gupshup which is not going to make any difference to any of us, and above all not to Pakistan in any way...
    Try to have some good gupshup which makes some difference and should not distort our vision for prosperity and success..
    Have fun guys and gals!!!and don't make burqah a joke for all of us!!! Being living abroad, everyone has to fight hard to explain what Islam is all about, since most of us don't take it as the best religion on earth..And to prove such thing u have to be very clear and also very much open to discuss the issues that non-muslims raises with anyone living abroad..
    Allah hafiz
    Signing off!!!

    Very well said. I agree. IT DOES NOT EFFECT anyone or anything in any way...just another way to waste time, like chat rooms, but here THEY use little brains lol. But these are all, confused bored bachey they dont know or cant think of doing something constructive or benefial to all. Just come here and babble the useless thoughts on each other...and well you get the point and most of the times you dont. Mostly its not good to waste time on prejudiced site or managment like this site has. But has "one" goal, sure.
    If you ask any one of them, to do something physically for pakistan or for their community they will back off. Thats how most of them are.


      Welcome buddy psychoooooo * 10000

      I hate psycho's when they just jump into a forum like they fell from sky!

      Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


        Obviously you and your friend have nothing better to do either - hence you're here to attract attention...


        ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~


          It really annoys me when self-righteous "brothers" or "sisters" can make such wonderful and ill-informed judgements upon people they do not even know!

          What does posting on GUPPSHUP have to do with saving Pakistan or Islam in any way? This is another method of communication.. Or would you rather we go up to strangers on the street and speak to them about whatever is on our mind? (hmm.. interesting!!)

          I find it good that I can share views with people, whom I don't even have to see. Isn't that a good thing?

          Can we differentiate between Pakistan and Islam. In what way are they connected? Muslims live in a land called Pakistan.. Just as they live in other parts of the world too.

          An ayat from the quran (contact me if you want the chapter)

          "I have made you into nations and tribes, so you may get to know one another"

          If you want to fight for Pakistan and make a difference in this world, then fight for Islam. Fight for the oppression in this world and pray to the you may enter paradise...

          But don't criticise others unless you can prove that they are doing wrong by Islam.

          Backup everything you say with evidence from Quran or Hadith.. or else don't say it at all.

          Allah is the All knowing, not you.

          I'm sure you're time and effort could be used for more productive things.

          Apologies if this sounds harsh, but no ill-informed person is going to tell me that i'm not doing anything for Islam, or that my actions are wrong.. That is between myself and Allah and nobody else.

          Go and do something better with your time, like standing on street corners and telling people what bad muslims they are.. eventually, all the starving people are gonna get food cos of this.. aren't they?

          Leave the rest of us to make a difference in this world, inshallah...




            Very well said.....
            I totally AGREE WITH U

            Allah hafiz.

            " If you don't understand my silence, you won't understand my words!"
            "... te hun gall aithe mukdi!"


              I am not here to convince u on what I said...but I just came down to gupshup with a hope that we still have some good and some meaningful topics to discuss and not just to argue/discuss on some meaningless topics..

              Quoting quranic ayats for ur purposes is not a good idea, thats how u spread a wrong word to all..

              better continue with ur discussions and don't make any difference...thats how many ppl are here doing nothing and just spendign their lives...




                Farhan: You must know people that talk a lot about doing this that and the other to help muslims etc. These are exactly the same people who love to criticise others.

                Are we really so happy in our lives as muslims that we have the right to judge our peers?

                I don't think Allah has given us the right to do that.

                BTW - It is good to quote from Quran and hadith, I couldn't remember the chapter where i got the ayat from though.. gotta look that up.

                Reason that it is good, cos people spread a lot of rumours with no basis. At least this way people can make up their own mind with their own research.

                Farhan: I'm sure you've got a valid point, which I can kinda make out - But I personally believe that there is so much more that could deserve your attention than accusing people of doing wrong.

                Check out this website:

                It's a site about Chechnya. This is whats happening in this world my friend..

                Think Hard, what can you do to make a difference here.. and what can WE do as a people?

                Kinda changes priorities doesn't it?



                  Welcome to the GupLand Farhan bhaijaan...we do need ppl like u on this board....i am glad that u came and joined plz donot give up so easily and keep trying to put some sense in our minds...that'll be appreciated


                  ps. and plz do tell these ppl that Burqahs r not funny all these ppl make fun of me coz i wear one

                  ps2. i really am glad that u r here....i don't feel lonely now...:-P


                    Farhan... Asalamo alaikum!

                    Let me put it this way. Ppl here come from diverse backgrounds. We all have our own rules to live by and walk by. My point is, some ppl here, in reality are real strong in their faiths. Except some of them to keep things light, add a bit of pun here and there. Here I'll quote my cousin, while talking to her on icq some time ago...she said in responce to a question of mine...

                    "it all comes from within u, and u have to make an effort from within u, sometimes its hard, sometimes its easy, sometimes the way is clear, sometimes its like your blindfolded..and both arms tied behind your back....but its all part of it............i mean this striving, this perservering IS islam....this process of become closer and closer to Allah swt...its not absolute....its limitless in every way.......and so must be our approach..limitless.......and in its my turn to ask if i'm making sense *wry smile*"

                    So bro chill. Let those plunder who wants to, because today we can not force someone into something. Even ourselves. Because when we force ourselves, whatever we're doing will not make a difference. For we won't be doing it sincerely. So let just say everyone has their moments when they see the light, and they see their ways out of it. *I hope I'm making sense here*

                    Naik... Ur humour is superb *not* j.k.



                      Naiklarki: You are right, burqah's are not funny. Mashallah a lot of people I know (including my family) wear them. It is what Allah intended us to do, so why should we mock them??

                      On a lighter note I apologise if I sounded a bit aggresive in my earlier posts.



                        Cappacio, I luv u too *sniff*
                        hey howz girlie pearlie??? talked to her recently?? plz say my Salaam to her and tell her that i miss her
                        *huggz* for both of u

                        CoolDude, I am glad that u r here too


                          My Q2_Nee also wear Shuttlecock Burqa