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Superstition And Gambling!

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    Superstition And Gambling! is it going?

    Lets talk about gambling. Yes i have gambled couple of times, with friends, and other places as well; it is a truly puzzling phenomenon. Ordinarly people do not like to take large financial risks. Anyone who has played poker for money, or bought lottery tickets knows how seductive gambling can be. Every year people from all walks of life spend hard earned money at casinos, race tracks, and off track betting parlors and in state lotteries and number games.
    So why do so many people gamble and persist in the face of defeat? <YOU TELL ME! heheh
    The fact that we often bet money on the basis of defective prediction strategies explain the part of the dillemma. But it doesnt explain why people persist after losing.

    What do you think? Why do you gamble? Is it mostly luck or really a gambling strategies when you win?

    I dont think its luck nor strategies. It just happens, sometimes you win and most of the time you lose. What do you guys think?

    App ka dost Pappu!

    Pappu> Time makes me late, so you should wait!