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    this message basically concerns the people who have exessive knowlege
    of the internet.
    Here's me question, is it possible for me to send
    out some computer files from my terminal to another terminal via faxmodem?
    If it is possible, then please explain the procedure to do so.

    Yup its possible. I know of a couple of ways. You can send files via email by attaching files to a message, dcc send files on a IRC client, or you may send files to another person on ICQ. I hope this helps you.


      It may be a lil bit more complicated than what Hill suggested.

      I would do it as follows:
      Lets assume that you do not have access to any FTP server out there. What you can do is download any ftp server for windows from and install it on your machine. Then from the other machine, do a ftp to this machine. This is a fool proff method.

      Another way of doing it is get a mime enabled mail client (Outlook, netscape, outlook express, eudora,etc) and send you files as attatchements. Next go on the the other terminal, read you mail, and extract you attatchements. Even if you dont have any mime clients, lots of free mail services will let you send attatchements (i think Yahoo does).

      The later may be easiest.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if theres still a problem. We can create a temp ftp account for you on our servers. You may ftp to and from it.



        Thanx a lot guys, I appreciate it.
        I'll make contact with the other guy and try these things out.
        Take care


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