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Why Pakistan will be the next bosnia!!!

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    Why Pakistan will be the next bosnia!!!

    The Bosnians were being like Christians and doing dirty things.
    they were drinking alcohol and following the wests buttocks. Does this remind anyone of pakistan.

    All pakis want to move to america and europe and when they do they become screwd.I have seen this and dont PRETEND YOU DONT KNOW THIS!!!!

    I can easily see another Bosnia

    Look at bollywood, the pakis run to it like GOD.YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN UR IDENTITY.

    I dot think so. Go and see the amount of work that is going on in Pakistan through Raiwend.
    The main problem in Bosnia arose from inter-marying, and there is no thing like that in Pakistan.

    unity, faith, discipline
    Pakistan Zindabad


      Is that so! why isn't Turkey becoming Bosnia, they have done some preety harsh things.
      Supersonickid, just drop this issue man, your'e not changing anybody.

      Thank you, come again


        Naa i dont think soo..the paki army will kick peoples ass if they try to hurt anyways...lets hope army doesnt go corrupt.

        Umair yaar NOTHING changes NO-ONE on know what i mean...the posts that someone puts on doesnt really have any effect on the real world...soo
        Thank you, have a nice gupshup.


        HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


          One can always refine one's own ideas by thinking about what the other person has to say. Besides, every great change begins with an idea.
          Life is only a dream.


            all i can say to that is no way man.. pakistan will inshallah never become like bosnia.. there a lot more factors that come into it besides drinking and following the west..
            I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by


              You just like causing trouble.
              You don't live in Pakistan so why are you soo concerned ????
              Just go and live your sad little life in Kuwait where you all get your li'l kicks slagging off Pakistan... you've obviously got nothing better to do...


              ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~


                to SUPERSONICKID...You really make me wonder?...first of all what happened to Bosnia, has absolutely no Relevance to Pakistan Present or Future,the Bosnian Muslims lived alongside there country men in peace for centuries,then one day there own country men decided that Bosnia should be ETHNICALLY-CLEANSED. thus making it an Internal conflict it was a political, religous and a land conflict . and it is true if you live in the west for so long, then the west rubs off on you (the same can be said for any where else) had nothing to do with "drinking alchohol & following the wests buttocks" just like you said, ....secoundly you say that "all pakistani people want to move to USA & europe" this however is a totally different direction from the original thread you started from,& I can challenge you on this to..if you like?.... Finally you say THAT YOU CAN SEE ANOTHER BOSNIA, well let me help you out here Pakistan has NO internal problems like the scale that bosnian muslims had.The Pakistani muslims are not a minoroty in there own country..SUPERSONICKID Ive read some of your other threads & I think your a paranoid, mischievous and totally misdirected.person...THANK YOU

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                  to SUPERSONICKID...I dont know how, any one else feels about this,but me personally, I find it offensive to being referd to has a paki..where I come from (u.k) that is regarded has a racist remark.please try to write pakistani next time I know you might be trying to make short-cuts in your typeing but it dosent take long to write pakistani.
                  ps I waiting eagerly for your reply to my above response in great anticipation,however please read my reply, on your, thread" pakistan becoming the next bosnia" carefully...and I would also like to know,what you consider your self to be are you a pakistani(...I think it is highly unlikely,because it seems to me ypu have alot of pent up agression towards pakistani people"....THANK YOU..HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.


                    MY ROOTS ARE PAKISTANI!!!

                    my uncle had contacts in KUWAIT and i luckily got married into a rich family. so i am pakistani-kuwaiti.
                    One of u said pakistan is nothing like bosnia. Well unfortunately afghanistan supplies pakistan with million dollars of cocaine and other drugs. Also, alcohol is being distributed in the RICH part of pakistan which i used to live in.

                    There is PREJUDICE, RACISM, AND HATRED at all levels of Pak society....pathan hates Punjabi, shia hates sunni, rich hates poor, brown hates black...etc (U know what I mean)

                    The problems of Bosnia arose from that society rejecting their culture and roots...running after and imitating the boring yet dangerous European monoculture....

                    Pak land has lost it a long time ago....It is a divided society just waiting to already has done at the sectarian level....


                      SECTARIEN VIOLENCE

                      Drive along shootings aimed at different islmic groups and masjids. Musjids getting bombed , children inside getting killed, etc.

                      I have always kept an interesting eye on pakistan so i know wahts going on.

                      I may sem a bit harsh in many of my posts but i am just trying to get across my messages and unfortunate facts>



                        First you start a topic by saying one thing....then while on the same subject, you go on to a totally different direction...I agree NOT WHOLEY but a little, yeah Pakistan may have its problems....but I still dont see the Likenesses of the troubles, in Bosnia & my motherland, in other words they are two totally different situations...I think I know what the problem is...its you , you give off all the wrong impressions, dont get me wrong your threads are interesting , but in order to get a big response you take every thing out of context.try to be a little bit less extremist...your views are very exagerrated and its wrong to give the wrong impression.


                          I may be giving the wrong impression to some people, but i believe some if not many are a bit scared to face the truth. Even if i am giving the WRONG facys which i dont think i am i believe there are manyy people who believe what i am saying.

                          if u tell a person who is neutrel about pakistan and doesnt live there. And then told them true facts such as bombings in trains and mosques, kashmir dispute, war with india .

                          i am sure they WILL COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSION AS I DO.


                            Super, I dont think Pakistan will become a Bosnia. Allah na kare.
                            Bosnia was a place where Muslims were doing disgusting things, they couldn't even recite the kalima and had no respect for Islam at all, now that they went back to Islam, they are improving!. What do you expect to happen to a place like that? Places like that were destroyed throughout history where people left their islamic faith. I don't feel Pakistan is like this.
                            In Pakistan, children are still taught Quran, they still know how to read namaaz, they fast during ramadhan, people spend their life savings just to take an exhausting trip to Mecca by boat. Our ancestors gave their life for a homeland which their children can call an islamic and pure country. Our islamic scholars are in places of power in Pakistan, not in jails like in Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc.
                            Our mosques are still full during namaaz, not just tourist sites. With all the bad that happens in Pakistan, I still feel our people truly respect and care for islam. I can go into so much detail but let me just give a simple example.
                            I have a friend who recently came from Pakistan, he couldnt find a job (here in Canada), was in desperate need of money, he never prayed namaaz, never fasted, I think he also drank. He finally got a job at a gas station, the boss (some gora) during the interview told him, "you have to treat this job like you treat your Quran!!"
                            My friend then told him off, "you comparing my holy Quran to your stinky job?? keep your crap job, I don't want it." Look at his devotion to the respect for Quran. Although Quran wasn't insulted, it was just wrongly used in those words.

                            And this is just coming from an average pakistani guy who doesn't practice islam! Believe me, our people are different. We have islam inside us. The most non-practising muslim will still say Bismillah before eating, before taking on a journey, before doing a major task, etc. These small things ARE VERY POWERFUL because they have ALLAH's name in it! and this alone will protect us from any ugly kafir enemy and any Bosnia like situation inshallah. You are correct, we are getting off track and we need to go back to our islamic teachings but I don't think they are that degraded as to compare our people with those of other nations like Bosnia, but I appreciate your concern.
                            Pakistan zindabad.

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                              well said strongman.Itstrue abt pakistan, theresstill too many people who practice islam for a calamity to befall such people.