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    DESI packrats

    One thing which I utterly and truly despise is the way that people collect everything like its going out of fashion and half of the time it is out of fashion. I have seen my family and many other desis buy useless junk and keep it forever like a prized posession, I mean i'd understand if it had any signifigance besides being on sale...

    I mean just plain useless junk which you never ever ever use again(some things you never use)...I was taking inventory in the garage the other day and found that we've still got our old remotes from dead TVs(thank god we threw those out), my sisters dresses when she was five, a surplus of canned goods and nonperishables(thats the only thing that makes sense because its hurricane season)...we even have a collection of old books and bags and stationary and old magazines piled high to the celing...I remember when we first moved in we actually parked the car in there, now there is hardly any space to even've got the, old sofas made of courdroy which should have been thrown out before they were bought!!!Then theres an endles display of old cardboard-boxes and paper bags and suitcases filled with more junk...some are being used to house old dead broken appliances from the 80s!!!
    What the heck is this??? whats the point???

    Then other members of my family used to record practically every single made for TV movie which looks even subtly interesting; and we sit there watching the whole movie because you cant change channels with a satellite but its also a plus because then we get to cut out the commercials...but the thing is we never ever ever see this mini movie collection, we just have them...and whenever you need a new tape to record the end of a show, you can never find a blank one and god forbid we erase something!!!

    Why is it that people are such 'pack-rats'; come on now I know all of us are to a degree but I think the best thing is to only have stuff which ir really worth keeping and then you dont have to worry about it...

    I'm sure you guys have junk stored like silver because otherwise that would make me abnormal right???

    The road to hell is paved on good intentions with no opportunity...

    Oh, GOSH.. This sounds so familiar..


      oh man..i hear ya.
      we used to have a mysterious store room with steel trunks of stuff we may use one day. ummmm we never did.

      worst still is when you have to suffer due to someone e;ses packrat tendencies..
      since we were in pak and US, our home was unoccupied and my uncle started using it as his personal museum, old stereos (ihain fix karana hai), broken down furniture including chairs, bookcases, mattresses etc etc. old typewriters, black and white television that has not worked since sometime before my birth.

      After my bros moved back home they started tossing the stuff out much to the dismay of uncle (araay unhain phenkh diya, woh antiques theeen)

      anyways...I have seen stuff in many desi houses in Uk, USA and pak and here is a list of stuff thatI have seen in basements, attics, garages and store rooms..add to the list if u want

      old electronics, black and white tv's 8 track players, broken turn tables, several blenders/food factories, fans with burnt motors, bags/boxes full of clothes from the 70's, bags of assorted shoes from various eras, ladies sandals which were used only 2-3 times and are now not in style, remote controls for objects that are now in some landfill, magazines, newspapers, periodicals (especially in doctors cases).
      old bags with broken handles and straps filled with scavenged wires, bolts, screws, assorted tools and mysterious metal pieces that look like they predate you by a decade or 2, rotary phones in pastel colours, some dusters made with that ugly funky rainbow coloured feathers, mysterious bundles of stuff wrapped in bedsheets. picture frames, broken eyeglasses, a carrom board with an inch of dust and spiders living in it, manual typewriters from verious decades, wooden tennis racquets in different stages of deterioration, rusty golf clubs, dada abbas old set of dentures, slide projector which does not work.

      add on
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