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    how do you deal with it? if someone has done you wrong, intentionally and never for a split second were they sorry about it, do you make it your life long goal to get revenge, or do you start hating ‘em so much it pops a vein in your forehead thinking about that person, but never do anything about it..or do you simply erase him/her completely out of your’s like that person never existed for you; you learn, agonize over it for some time, forget and *gulp* “move on.”

    i would like to think i do the latter..wiping someone off your memory is easier said than done, but i think the best revenge is to learn one’s bitter lessons and then wipe that person off existence from your world.

    if you don't succeed the first time - so much for skydiving..

    Arggh how i hate ppl like that hayaa, that is: the ones who've done you wrong & are never sorry about what they've done to you.

    Well, frankly, everytime i am reminded of those particular ppl, i want to wring their neck, break it, & then spit on them.
    but obviusly.....that isn't going to happen (yet the imagination is still always best @ its works..!)

    The approach that i've always used is (or have tried to use...) is to get back at them. Somehow. ummm......i don't want them to walk away with how they've mistreated me -- they at least deserve the mistreatment back from me.

    If i don't get a chance to get back at them, then i simply let go of the whole issue. Frankly, I don't think want to waste any time & energy over how much i hate them -- I have other places to deal with which are more important. YOu know? I just think to myself regarding them, " Screw them....they can just go to hell... & that's basically it.

    It's actually hard to forget about them; but hey, the more the merrier really. At the same time, you learn to be on the watch for whom you can trust & you never get your guard down.


      I guess the latter is the best way to go, because taking revenge always leaves even more bad memories. And ur revenge might not come out as sweet as you thought it would. So it will only leave a further bad taste in ur mouth. Its best to forgive and forget.
      matti pao saeen


        When a person hurts another in any way what so ever, it can be a blessing sometimes. How? Well look at it this way, a lot of folks have friends, acquaintances even relatives who at times go around behind people's backs stabbing them. And the sad part is those individuals who are getting hurt don't even realize who it is who is doing them wrong. So if you come across a person, who hurts you, think of it as a blessing from Allah, that He brought it under light exactly how that person is and you can actually stay away from that person and others like them in future. don't think taking out revenge on individuals or giving them a bad dua is good. If you can talk to that individual let him/her know that they have hurt you and that you hold a right to forgive or not to forgive him/her.
        If you don't want to talk to that person, leave the matter to Allah. Allah will do what He finds fit to that person. And there is no running away from His justice.


          I somewhat agree with RDG, in the thinking that such people are the best teachers in life. However, it takes a good student to appreciate them.
          Life is only a dream.


            I quote..Rarediamonds & Gold
            If you don't want to talk to that person, leave the matter to Allah. Allah will do what He finds fit to that person. And there is no running away from His justice.

            Well i am jeeta jata example on gupshup..but i leave it to the almight GOD..yes i am hurt..but it is ok problem...

            tuJhko dekha nahiN mehsoos kiya hai maine

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              Hatred eh? I think 'being wronged' by someone well..wrong, and if they're unapologetic then such feelings are probably(though not necessarily) justified. But one should never let it take Command HQ over one's emotions and esp. actions.

              Take an example, if there's hatred between 2 ppl, and both think they're the one in the right and the other's the Evil-Mr-Two-Shoes, well..there's obviously been a wrongdoing somewhere, how would one know they themself are not the one who's given rise to the uncordial atmosphere; rather "it has to be the other person".

              In fact, it's not about who's right or wrong, it's about doing a check on yourself, maybe it's you who brought about the misundersanding, intenionally or unintentionally. Or maybe it, in fact, was the other person; in any case take it up with the 'object of your hatred' to clear the air.

              If they're still not open to reason and continue with Operation Wronging-You, well then regard them as 'toxic' and fuhgeddaboudthem, as soon as your emotions allow you.

              Well said rare, if negotiation don't work, leave it up to the Almighty, who'll eventually take any wrongdoing to task.


                I can not take revenge from anyone I can not even curse a person. I hate people I do not forget them but I also do not think much about such people.
                We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


                  Ow meri jan... phir kis zakootay jin ki shamath agai?
                  Kaisi ho M_ji? Have tried e-mailing u but humpf u know rest of the story Sniff. Newho! Howdy do? And send 'em all detail to my pray-wait kwaters. Aray e-mail, aur kiya. Phir lecture milay ga. Piyara ca. Acha sa. Saray gilay shikway door ho jain gay.

                  Hayaa on a serious note. Meri jan. Hatred initiates feelings which lead towards self destruction in the long run. THere are people that I can not stand, and wish them dead, but then I think to myself then why should I let them be worth anything, which initiates this kind of reaction out of me, when I see them or think of them. U see we've been all been (most of us, I guess)bruised, hurt, strangled in one way or the other. But that does not means that we shud go up jumping at our guns everytime a certain thing happens. Its a process which just keeps us balanced, and more attached to the human world out here. Infact, those who are capable of experiencing such feelings, are lucky. For there are ppl who long to feel anything as such, cuz they're so thick, they lack aspects which'll lead to such prospects.

                  To overcome it. First see and analyse why exactly do u hate a certain person. Think of the ways which can rectify the situation. And sometimes to be plain honest Hayaa ji, we can't do anything to alter another or histry. In that situation, we just need to overlook a few things, and digest what has been part of our past, and think how we can minimize its effect on our presents. Oh c'mon u can do it girlie! Try. Or if it helps... try pelting that person with a few rocks, see how much it helps. No harm doing so rite?

                  Till then, Chapooti meri take care...I don't want any intense feelings as hatred to wreck that beautiful sweeping smiling ability off ur absolutely purty face! Mean it!

                  Always urs-> Zzz_ji


                    Haya jii app nain kis se hate karni shuru kar di?

                    Pappu> Time makes me late, so you should wait!