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Too thick, too sweet

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    Too thick, too sweet

    Going for groceries is such an unmindful matter for me. I run out of things, I never make a list, I go to the supermarket, I pick up a shopping basket at the enterance, and then stand right in the middle of the store completely lost on what I needed and telling myself 'I'm here for a purpose'. Out of such fluster, I buy things that I could never have, had I made a list for shopping.

    So last night I bought a pack of Sneakers ice cream cones out of the blue since I don't like ice cream much but thought it might be a good change.

    To my sheer disappointment, the ice cream part of the cone was too thick/condensed and too sweet. To make things worst, they even had rich and condensed caramel fluid in it.

    Back in school days when I used to work as a cashier, we used to sell these Nutty cones which were light in flavor with a sort of dissolving texture that won't leave your mouth all parched. Those cones were a lot cheaper than the Sneakers ones and I was hoping to get better taste by paying more.

    My favorite phase of cone eating is when the ice cream is all licked off the top and you start eating the biscuit part with the remaining fill of the cream inside. I even tried skipping the ice cream part altogether and bit off on the biscuit but obviously Sneakers guys are smarter than me as they have these fatty chunks of chocolate wrapped up inside. I had to throw away half-eaten cone in the trash.

    I want my money back with a shameful apology from the manufacturer of Sneakers.

    Try Cornetto .....the best icecream cone ever
    btw its called Drumstick here
    dont ask me why i dont see any resemblance however its still called drumstick


      You know, I can't throw them away, I can't eat them... there is just no way out!

      I'd probably have to invite couple of friends over for dinner to get rid of the remaining cones. I hate it when that happens.


        how bout giving them out to the kids living next door or something
        thats what i do if i get something that i dont like i just give it away to someone who likes it

        i got this jar of vegemite and really hated it so i gave it to my friend who luvs the stuff



          >>Sneakers ice cream cones

          hahahah, since when did they start tossing in nikes n reeboks in ice cream composition? Or was that an intentional type sarcastofying (if that's evena word) the way some ppl say it?

          heheh, either way, that created quite a stir in me tummy and now all tha laughin's gotten me tummy cramps.

          You owe me a sneakers!


            Hey, that's exactly what it says on the box!

            Not one, you can take all of them three cones left.


              heheh, my bad Roman I thought u were referring to 'Snickers' choco ice cream. Pardon muh ignorance in the cone department.


                hahaha, I can't believe it!!! what a blunder! I knew I was bad with confusables. You are absolutely right, it's not "Sneakers", it's "Snickers"!!!


                  I thought it was snickers - then I thought - maybe this is one we don't have here !!!!!!!

                  heheheh Sneakers !!


                  ~*~* Gizzy Ki Jaano.. *~*~