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Will u prefer LOVE marriage OR.....

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    Will u prefer LOVE marriage OR.....

    hi folks..
    what u gonna like to do ..
    LOVE marriage,
    arranged marri..
    or if ur parents wanna u to marry with their selected girl and u wanna marry that to whom u love .SO what u do ??
    Do u runaway from home with him/her and make court marriage??
    and also if u select either ,explain WHY?
    as i'm concern i ike LOVE cum Arranged marriage means
    2 preys with on hit.Cuz it is the middle way of both . LOve and Arranged .
    so do write and write HOnestly..
    bye .
    see yahh. and make other

    Well problem is that if you want love marriage you have to start dating, and which might means switching from one gf to other and to an other, untill u find your perfect match. Problem with this is that by that time you have already spent so much money on those gals that it become more expensive than if you would have went out with the gal of your parents choice for some time after engagement, and buy gifts for her, and take her to resturants and movies and stuff.

    Thats why I some time feel that going out with gal of your parents choice and then getting marring her could be better. Atleast you can have romance with her, instead of flirting with just some gal that you met.

    And there is nothing like love at first sight, becuase love means care, and it only comes after spending time with a person.

    As long as marrying the girl you love, rather then the gal of your parents choice, I would definitely vote for the girl that you love, hack with the parents choice.

    I'll write more later, bye for now and take care.



      I'm in LOVE with the love of my life now.. and I want to marry her... so.. say this will be a LOVE marriage.. but we will get married with both our parents approval.. so, you can say an ARRANGED ~ LOVE marriage..

      We have talked about this, neither of us two would ever runaway from home and get married...

      And, what Yasin said that you have to date to find the girl, this is not necessary.. as in our case, we met, became very good friends and fell in LOVE

      ========= GIZZY =========
      ^`~`~*Jaano ki Jaan*~`~`^

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        I think both are FINE at their own places. Just gotta know how to make the thing work for many year. I would prefer any, love or arranged. Doesnt matter to me. BUt the girl has to be the one i like, not some one i dont not like or dont know.
        Love karain ghay to love marriage ho ghi, ager love nahi to phir arranged he chaley ghi.

        Pappu> Time makes me late, so you should wait!