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    True communism...

    I was in the cafeteria to get my lunch and while trying to get a glass of water I was in front of the beverage fountain. The little tab for water dispnese was broken and I could not locate it. I asked the person behind me....Don't they have water here?I think they used to.....he said...don't know, I don't drink much water anways atleast not with my meal.
    I took some pepsi and as I was paying on the counter I looked at the guy again.....oops I did not realize he was our CEOm, Mr. K. The founder, leader and part owner of the multi billion dollar empire making the manufacture of computer chips possible. Our eyes met and he smiled and asked how am I doing?

    Now does the equal treatment in a business model gets any better than this? Here is me...just a plain old is waiting for food in the same line the owner of the place who can buy half of Amritsar district or Lahore from proceeds of today's $3/share rise of his equity.

    God bless America! Long live capitalism

    My elderly uncle came to visit us in America last week and was astonished by the relative easy and quickness of the riding mower the lawn maintaince guy was using at our house, so he struck up a conversation learning about the machine and guys education and history and what not and was amazed that the guy went to college and started his landscaping business because he liked to do it...later that week when we went out to eat, there was the same lawn guy at the restaurant and my uncle was again amazed to see someone that was working as a 'gardner' eating next to us...saying how it could never happpen in Pakistan...I feel lucky that I haven't been subjected to the 'caste' system...

    ChaanMahi, maybe you should have asked Mr.K to get that water dispenser fixed


      K2pk yar, I could have very well asked him that after all it is his duty to provide me a confomrtable, healthy and trouble free work environment

      I think what your uncle felt is what lot of elderly people feel when they see that kind of equality in society. The family who lives on our opposite street, the guy is much older than me and a high school principal. the fact that he is born white american and his house is much smaller than mine was a reason for astonishment for my visiting uncle for few days.
      Our caste and class system back home is unbeatable. If you are a lower caste and you have million dollars in pocket, brahmin and jatt/chaudhary will still call you chooRha/chamaar even if they are wearing worn out shoes and dirty dhoti.

      Very few of lower caste peopel from India/pakistan are in the west and I have not met any yet. I wonder how they feel about it? It must be great for them feeling like humans. gosh we are so messed up on humanistic level and still talk about our great culture and our great religions and heritage.
      We might love God and all that but we have not learned to treat humans like humans yet.



        Your right ChannMahi, in america people dont 'judge' your profession as much as long as you are working and being a productive member of society...

        Not that I have experienced this but but i'm assuming that when you're born in a place where there is a strong 'feudalistic' culture and the opression of one group is due simply to 'luck of the draw' without recognizing ability or merit, and without the resources to lift yourself up, now that there must truly be freedom to get out of that and to live your life without restiction...