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Concord down

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    Concord down

    Considered one of the worlds safest planes, Concorde has had its first fatal crash today in France. Sad. 100 germans on their way to new york, took a detour and went to their graves instead.

    Couple of things i didnt know about concordes....they fly at 60,000 ft!!! and that puts them far above any weather pattern, so turbulence doesnt bother them.
    And concordes have afterburners too, like air force jets. wow.

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    Yep!....just watched da sad!

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      ironic thing is that just yesterday in Chicago Tribune they had a whole story on cracks on concordes wings and how the authorities felt that they were not a danger.

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        I was shocked when I wife actually phoned me to tell me the news....'cos I'm a self confessed aviation geek!!!!

        Everybody was thinking the same thing after the report on the cracks...'it's only a matter of time'! It looks like rupteured feul lines or something. I hope it's not the end of an era.

        A question I've always had in my mind:
        Did the Americans (Boeing) put pressure on the worlds airlines to boycott the purchase of any Concordes for their fleets?

        Singapore Airlines bought half of one....with British Airways painted on the other half; so did Branniff (Texan) with Air France on the other...anyone remember them?

        Most countries did not allow Concorde to fly Supersonic in their airspace...hence lack of destinations, and subsequently, lack of aircraft orders. Unfair pressure being brought to bear once again?


          Yeah very sad news indeed. Being an aviator myself, stuff like this strikes very close to home. I was watching some of the pictures and seems like the left engine blew up on take off. The smoke was trailing at least 100-150 ft out. The pilots didn't really have a chance of averting a disaster. It's extremely difficult to control an aircraft when there's loss of power on take-off, especially the one's with Delta wing formation as these planes aren't really designed to glide.
          All professional pilots train extensively for emergency situations such as engine failures, however in reality, one's split second decisions and good luck can only draw the lines between life and death.

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            and with 4 engines, two under each wing, those two are seperated by what seems like a half inch partition. And if one engine fails on one side, or catches fire, its almost inevitable that it destroys its neighbor engine as well, thus eliminating lift on that side altogether. Wonder why they didnt give a reasonable space between engines. But regardless, it has been the safest aircraft so far.
            Did u see the photograph of the plane moments before crash? with fireballs shooting out of its rear while still up in the air? Gosh.

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