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    How can we define pakistani culture?Derived from hindu culture, we still celebrate hindu traditions in weddings, ceremonies, our bollywood movies, songs, our treatment towards women etc... i don't see anything islamic other than hearing the azaan "five times a day", whereas, unfortunately the mosques are still empty...
    I tried to touch this topic before but it was deleted...the truth does hurt...but we can't hind from the truth; neither should we allow are patriotic feelings overcome our eyes... they say; the most sorrowest is he, who has eyes but no sight..


    Happy-Lahori, welcome to GupShup

    You should’ve posted this at arts and culture forum. We have discussed this topic before, if you go through old threads at Arts ’n Culture you’ll find some pretty good discussions on this issue. I like this topic and would love to discuss it with you – perhaps you’d like to read some old stuff so we can talk about important details instead of Hindu traditions and costume, as our Pak culture is much more then something driven from Hindu traditions and values. It’s a great mixture of many more cultures….you can read about the basics at Arts ’n culture – we can then start a mature discussion if you wish.

    Theek hai

    Ps. No one likes to delete/edit threads, keep you posts clean and no one will touch them – just a suggestion.


      It was a pleasure reading your reply Sabah... i apologize for posting this msg in the wrong category...i tried to go through the threads that u have mentioned, but i havn't been successful finding the topic on pakistani culture... i will appreciate, if you e-mail that topic to me 'or' just reply me back on this post and direct me in detail where to find the topic.... i will examine it in detail and try to bring up some thoughtful conclusions ...i have talked to many ppl on this topic and have a very unique perspective upon it....I will appreciate to talk on this topic in detail with you...

      [email protected]

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        Hi Lahori

        You can either make a search on names like NYAhmadi, Roman, Asif, Akif, Channmahi etc at Art and Culture that’ll give you ’some’ hits about this topic. Or you can choose ’show all topics’ option at arts and culture. You’ll find threads about cities food festivals etc. One thing is guaranteed you won’t get bored.

        I’ll see if I can dig up one of those threads for you, see if you find any answers, but you really have to read the others as well.



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