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Independence Day Competition!

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    Independence Day Competition!

    Dear Members,

    14th of August is fast approaching, and we would like for members to share their pictures of Pakistan with others. This will be a competition with the top choices being placed on the front page of TOPP for our Independence Day page... we will also have a surprise for everyone.

    The pictures are on the following themes:

    1) Unity, Faith, Discipline
    2) The colourful culture(events, people)
    3) Innocence and hope
    4) Respect, Pride and Love
    5) The sights of Pakisan
    6) Hulla Gula

    Please use your own pictures and write a small description of what, when and where etc. describing the setting and importance in your view.

    We look forward to your submissions!

    Thank you.

    >>>>>>3) Innocence and hope

    meiN apni pic bhejooN??


      naik these suit better on ya

      7. the sad and deepressed... sigh
      8. forever charsee
      or better yet
      9. the lean mean... talking machine


        Mundayaa, Shame on you!!!

        give my Raakhi back.....u r not my brother anymore huh!!!


          1) Unity, Faith, Discipline
          Uni_Tea choora choora

          2) The colourful culture(events, people)
          --->Colourful walls and streets with.....U know

          3) Innocence --->all(except PoliTeeShun n Polizia
          and hope---> Only to Allah

          4) Respect---> rare
          Pride---> greed
          and Love---> money

          5) The sights of Pakisan---> sighs every where

          6) Hulla Gula---> In assembly halls

          Neway, May Allah bless our beloved Pakistan aamin
          I am sure one day Pakistan would be the best country of the world InshAllah


            Gee, bhejo bhejo pls

            5) The sights of Pakisan
            I have a beaut. pic of myself walkin with my rifle in our "kassi" but i dont know how to share it with you.

            Can some1 explain pls.?


              Oye hoe zabardast, just one ehh two tiny questions, can we ‘borrow’ pictures from the net, or should the picture really be unique? What happens with the posted pictures after 14th of august?

              By the way, when do we start posting? And how many pic’s can we post under one nick for the same category?

              Ps. Can I borrow someone’s scanner, plzzzz?


                Yes Sabah,
                you can, come to our office

                I think the pic should be unique and the one who posts them should be on it.

                [This message has been edited by pathwari (edited July 24, 2000).]


                  Pathwari bhai sukhi sulah…. address plz. Btw now at least YOU don’t have any excuse for not posting pic’s.
                  Let’s see kis ke gaooN ki ‘kassi’ ziyadah khoobsoorat hai


                    saba, kaiseeee hein aap? where have you been hiding?

                    naiklarki, you forgot the sigh. and u can have the sakhi back.... dont want no crap from our neighbors anyways. neverthless we are atleast related by the gupshup brotherhood.


                      Originally posted by sabah:
                      sukhi sulah…. address plz.
                      I dont get it.
                      I will give it a try tonight.

                      (ps my kassee will abs win me a T-shirt


                        Pictures have to be your own for two reasons

                        #1 copyright stuff
                        #2 we see these "professional" photographers work all the time, lets see the world thru real people's eyes..nto someone who does it for a living.

                        The pics will have to be posted in the gallery the picture under the thread that deals with your subject.

                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          Aww Pathwari u said the magic word...ok ok i'll post it 2morrow...just for u

                          *yawn* u don't deserve any rakhi anyway....


                            we're waitin!!!!!!!!!!


                              humm well lagta hay ab to gaon jana hi parray ga ..aghar wapsi naseeb howi to post karna seekh lain gay woh baad ki baat hay.

                              Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi