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Mitha paan? I love it

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    Mitha paan? I love it

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by johnd:
    <<like here were openly abused by paan eaters
    like urself?>>

    Hain I know Sharab Is Haram but what's wrong with Paan, is it Haram too. Somebody answer me please as I use to eat Paan a lot with Khatha and Tumbacoo, especially if it was made by... I forgot her name.....
    I remember a specilize paan maker in Karachi who had lots of different kind of PAAN. Here is the list of different paan he use to sell.

    1. Choi Moi
    2. Un Sey Na Khehna
    3. Suhag Raat
    4. Dulhun Key Mithas
    5. Behan Ka Peyar
    6. Aba key Mar
    7. Ma Key Dua
    8. Mashooq Ka Ghusa
    9. Bosa

    etc etc....

    I love to eat paan. We don’t have paans in Sweden so when I am
    in London I buy 20-30 mithe paans and freeze them, I eat them
    when we have special Pakistani/Indian guests. Just now I am eating
    Naz paan masala, its great. I don’t know if paan is good or bad but it is
    tasty, in last 22 year I had at least 100 paans and 50-100 paan masalas
    We had a Paan house in Nasir Abad "Raja Paan house”
    Raja bhai used to make very special two Rs, vale paan for
    us. Gosh I wish I was in Karachi right now.

    [This message has been edited by Imran A Bukhari (edited July 14, 2000).]

    Ye paan kai naam hain ya movies kai?


      Bokhari Yara, do they allow to do “pitchek” on sidewalks in Sweden? I would doubt that.

      The most fun thing about Paan eating is making “pitchek”.

      Johny Yara, are there any Paan places in Rochester? There are plenty in NY, specially in Coney Island and Jackson Heights. I like mine Sada, only with lachi spari. I am not into fancy shamncy panns. There is nothing like a Sada paan.


        hey i love pan yaar. dats one thing i always love to eat whenever i go to nyc but dat pan is nothin like the one u find in anarkali baazar or ichra bazaar.

        i didn't know there were this many varieties of pan. my fav one was meetha pan.
        never had enough guts to try the one with tobacco.


          Yar NYA, you know about Rochester, If I walk around in Dhutti everbody calls me Chichorra and you are talking about paan, A delicacy from our land of pure. It always reminds me of Bankay Nawabs of Lucknow. These guys in Rochester, they are Paindos man they don't know anything about paan and Dhutti, how could you seperate Paan and Dhutti, Bukhari I remember the Paan wala at Dastagir Chowk After bus stop number 8 1/2 (I Think it was called Bus stop number 8 3/4(No joke)), the guy always had Dhutti on and worked with Three hands while standing on two legs. Maann his Mitha paan was something else, I never found out what he use to put in his paans but maannn that always was extra Mitha and extra Delicious.



            Tum to hamari gali key bandey ho. I also hail from Nasirabad. Where were you in naseerabad? I was near what used to be Arshi Cinema and Dulhan Palace..


            "Pitchek" hahahahah... good one!!


              I really miss meetha paan, as they are banned in UAE so it is hard to buy.


                why is paan banned in UAE ?

                at least i have a positive attitude about my destructive habits !
                Ali Naqvi
       Administrator and founder.


                  NYA bhai, they don’t know what "pitchek"
                  is in Sweden. Actually I eat all the paan without
                  having any success in producing pitchek.

                  I think I need some instructions. I am going
                  to get some mithe paans in the beginig of
                  August. Send me some instructions so I
                  can demo and check with our local politicians

                  Ghalib bhai,

                  I used to play “games” under the Arshi cinema.
                  and that restaurant Topins, I used to eat dinner
                  with my brothers and friends there. I remember the
                  name “Dolhan Palace” but don’t remember where it was.

                  We used to live very close to telephone exchange in
                  Block 14.



                    Dont most people from PAKISTAN KARACHI EAt always paan thas all i hear they love pan soo much.

                    Thas why when you eat pan ur tongue gets bigger and ur teeth black.

                    Most Northerners dont eat pan a lot just once in a while thing. it also has sacarin in it

                    Yea What do you Say About That!!?!! JUST bring it!


                      yes pan with..tambaku..zafrani baba zarda..wah wah..nasha hai pyar ka nasha hai..yar when you get the spin off..wah wah it yar ..but i dont eat everytime..only if i am in a wedding or some party..then yes i enjoy it...

                      ay nayey dosth maiN samjhoonga tujhe bhee apna


                        paan....hmmm...i dunno how people get addicted to this paan eating habit...does anyone know?? pls tell me about it.

                        I dont like eating paan,as it stains the teeth and mouth and it looks so awful!!

                        Be Original~!


                          Kashish*..that is why some people are called take cae fo those beautiful teeth...howdee

                          ay nayey dosth maiN samjhoonga tujhe bhee apna


                            paansss !!! interesting
                            I've only ate 2 paans in my life
                            dat waz it .... I saw this program on tv a few years ago and um they were saying that paan may cause throat cancer or something like that ! dunno for sure


                              iss tarha ke paanoun ke naam ho tou koun naa khaye

                              **jeette raho bache**