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im leaving gupshup..........goodbye my friends

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    im leaving gupshup..........goodbye my friends

    i have decided to leave gupshup since alot of gupooos is saying my posts are monotonus and boring.

    in addition to this some are saying stuff like screw you sufimaster , boo you sufimaster etc etc.

    I would rather not upset anybody anymore especially kohal who makes accusations that im obssesed with

    my prayers are with yous all even those who say bad stuff abt me

    khuda hafiz forever

    Yaar hum be to hian na.... na koe reply karta hia post par, na pasand karta hia koe..phir be apney problems se bahaggna nahi chaheye..come on stay yaar... its too early to leave... stay you will find more about these pharrey likhey jahils... it gets interesting every time... stay aight? DOnt take it personaly ...because this thing is a act, a darama sort of speak, what everyone says doesnt realy matter, and it doesnt change nothing. Thank you have a nice leaving gupshup.


    HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<







          Sufi sahib...most of the people seem to be happy with ur (potential) departure. Well, i did mention the monotony of ur posts, but how about trying to change, so ur posts appeal to others, rather than take the easy way out and make like a banana?


            Yeah sufi akif is right a man, stick with it. Even when no one agrees with you. Man you are running from this soo small problem, i wonder how you solve problems in real life. fight it, bachaa!


            HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<



              **jeette raho bache**



                sufi brother, i dont know about ur posts, cuz i never read those according to my busy activities.

                but brother i would say one thing, never be disopinted, cuz life is not always win and lose.
                wise man said,
                never say u gonna win, but u have to keep one thing in ur mind "never giva up".

                if u experienced that ppl dont like ur style.
                just make it according to ppl. thats it...
                i hope u ll take stand.

                take care.
                fi aman allah

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                  blah blah blablabla blaaaaah blah.

                  Blah blabla blah blah blah

                  yadda blah blah yadda yadda

                  peace !

                  at least i have a positive attitude about my destructive habits !
                  Ali Naqvi
         Administrator and founder.


                    Sufi mian!

                    I am very sorry about the unfair treatment you got from
                    some members.

                    We have long way to go to understand that we have to
                    respect all the individuals, even though they are different
                    from us or have ideas which are against our believes. I donít
                    respect some of your ideas but I respect you as ďSufimasterĒ
                    and as a human being.

                    Please donít leave. You and me have quite different understanding
                    of life issues, but I donít think your posts are boring or monotonous.
                    On the contrary life would be boring and monotonous if we did not
                    have differences.

                    You have full right to express your understanding from life and how
                    you want to change the world or how you see and understand different

                    Best regards, Imran



                      One Sufi and lots of advices... "duh"
                      C'mon Sufi yaar...bohot hogaya...otherwise u won't be able to bear the load of

                      Catch ya later
                      It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)


                        Bokhari expressed very beautifully what I also wanted to say. Sufi Yar, what is this? Donít be ridiculous.

                        When I first came to this place, I thought I wouldnít last more than a week, but it has been some time and I am still here.

                        I donít find your posts mono-sexual (monotonous, I mean), I think you views are very entertaining and you appear to be very sincere in your convictions. If you leave, I will assume that you have accepted Ahmadis as Muslims.

                        Stick around. Together, we will kick it up a notch.


                          chalo khuda ko kuch to tars aya hum par

                          umm like take care haan


                            Take care buddy


                              sufimaster, Chalo me ne bhi maaf kiya,
                              ab to jane ki zed na karoo.
                              ma khapakega,kher ba shi.