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To All Pakistanis who Hate Pakistan

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    To All Pakistanis who Hate Pakistan

    I have seen a growing trend among many pakistanis both home and abroad that when they get together and discuss the motherland they do it in a most negative way. Some commmon topics are:
    1. Why was Pakistan created..? (Never why i was created)
    2. What has Pakistan given to me/us ( Never what we have given to Pakistan)
    3. When will Pakistan end ( Khud-na-Khuwasta)...( never when i will die)
    etc etc ....
    why do they do this....!!!


    all i don't get about Pakistan is some of their culture.....

    too many unecessary taboos & 'incorrect' things in it.
    gets me burned up about it.
    but , like, i know Azkar, Chann, Roman, Rare, hmcq & others whom i so apologize if i forgot to mention you have had a big discussion about this on voice chat....& wow, what a debate it was.


      What I hate about pakistan is not Pakistan but pakistani ppl.
      Every one says that "what have you given to pak?"
      Well to answer that: Everything
      I always paid taxes, My grand parents migrated from india and I know how they arrived here.
      Even after going out, I tried to be a good paki to improve the image of pakistani ppl,

      I have never breached any law. We lived by the law. My grand parents and father etc participated in wars. What else do you expect? and in return when go to pay a utility bill we have to stand in sun for hours, while the cashier drinks tea and chats with his mates.
      We go out and a police man stops us and tries to make something by which he can get some bribary.
      We go to courts and we don't get justice for years. A couple of weeks ago my dad won a case over a land he bought in 1979!
      We don't get any protection.
      There's a lot more.
      I have seen this over 20 years and my parents have seen this over thier lives, and not a single thing has changed yet.
      I knew so many ppl who don't pay taxes and in so many years me and my father and this education were not able to convince a single person to pay taxes. Pakistani ppl are becoming immune to these type of preachings. And i see no hope of change in the next century.

      Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


        To the pakistanis who live in foreign countries & dislike pakistan,..
        It makes me sad to see my bretherin speak aboat our MOTHERLAND as if they were mere aliens to the homeland, I was born abroad(U.K) yet Ive felt a connection with Pakistan...why not my parents were born over there,and there parents & so on.These people who dislike Pakistan have become diluted with there surroundings,they have more or less become a part of the system in which they live in what really makes me even more sad is "what about the next generation" they will not even know where Pakistan is........ KNOW YOUR ROOTS

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          mr Yahoo.
          u should be ashamed of yourself and your thinking. the troubles u find in life r those which every pakistani faces in life.
          we should not worry about these problems .
          every person in third world faces these problem . that doesnt mean that they should start hating their countries.
          every body here in pakistan is pakistani.
          so r those cashiers and policemen.
          may be they have the same thoughts about u as u have for them.
          every pakistani should contribute in betterness of pakistan..