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The Insanity Defense

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    The Insanity Defense

    Saallaam all, except some.
    This post contains, some vile words, which might be highly damaging to our higly over sensitive readers. It may cause sickening, nauseating, and unsavory. If that happens, please help your self. Thank you, read on, this piece of reading, i was at friends house and read in some book, kinda remember the main points of it, hope i get them right.

    In 1991, Milwaukee police officer entered a one bedroom apartment and encountered one of the most monsterous, disgusting and yuckiest crime ever. The malodor was unbearable and intolerable! There were photographs of dismembered bodies tacked on the walls; lopped human heads, organs, and genitals in the refrigrator and other body parts immersed in a tub of acid. The police soon arrested, jeffery dahmer, a 31 years old chocolate factory worker, who went on to confess to a total of seventeen murders. In each case, he said he would lure a young man to his apartment, drug, rape, and kill him, dismembering the body parts and store or eat the remains. Dahmer went to trial and entered a plea of INSANITY. After hearing 2 weeks of testomony, however a milwaukee jury voted that he was sane. Dahmer was sentenced to life in prison, where he was later killed by inmates.

    Ok that was really disgusting piece of reading, dont you think? haha its ok; is everyone OK? Well not so fast guppies i got some questionss and you need to answer them with your smart and intellectual heads(i hope so Please.

    What does it mean to be sane, and when can a person be considered insane?
    Was jeffery dahmer really sane?

    A little note here: The concept of "insanity" is totally legal. It is very important concept in criminal law(of west). A person who is charged with with a crime can plead guilty or not guilty, or they can argue that they should not be held reponsible in the light of extraordinary circumstances(meaing in the light of insanity).
    Similiar incident i remember back few years, a man in New York City subway pushed a women on to the rail tracks. The women was killed, i think, and his main point of defense was that he didnt know what he was doing, and he was not control of his mind. Maybe someone can correct me on this, by providing little more detailed information on this "rail track pushing".

    Is there a solution to this insanity dilemma???

    Looking for responses, espeacially from Dr. Nova sir sahib, NYA,(isn't he away?) and other big fishes of the gupshup. Thank you, have a nice sane gupshup.


    HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<