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US v UK (Round 1): Restaurants

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    US v UK (Round 1): Restaurants

    Ok I'm getting bored bashing Indians in the other forums so I've decided it's time to bash the Yankees instead.

    I am starting a series of threads which will compare US unfavourably with the UK. Today's theme is restaurants.

    Obviously in the US there is a really big shortage of good Desi restaurants, as can be seen by Chanmahi's desperate attempts to locate an authentic Lahori restaurant. In good old Blighty however, we have a large number of these joints. You can barely walk down a street in London without stepping into a Lahori restaurant.

    Gifto's Lahori in Southall is one, and the world famous Lahore kebab House on Commercial Rd is another. There are many many more, but as I am not based in the South, i will leave it to others to list them.

    In the meantime, I suggest you Americans develop a taste for doughnuts.

    Brits 1 Yanks 0

    God save the Queen

    Yeah Xtreme, God save the Queen from those 3rd rated anythingbutauthentic Lahori restaurants. Every Chheda Meeda who ends up in England illegally opens up a Lahori restaurant. Here in NY, there are good Lahori restaurants coming out of my ears.

    Bokhara in Helmsely Palace (can be pricey, running at 200 $ for two) has excellent selection of Lahori dishes, in addition to their regular NWFP cuisine.

    Bombay Palace, Salam Bombay, India Palace, Taj Mahal, Passage to India, Tandoor, Tiffin, just to name a few, all have excellent Lahori selections. The names may be misleading, but Pakistani food is marketed here as “Indian” to make it sound more appealing and keep some kind of disassociation with Osama. Most these restaurants are run by Pakistanis.

    Man, with England becoming another sub-continent, what would you expect? Fish and chips on every block?


      List can be found by searching


        and then the great "khans" in london them lads know how to do tikka right
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