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Tolerance is what we need!!

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    Tolerance is what we need!!

    Lack of tolerance is one the major problems in
    societies like Pakistan where the rate of illiteracy
    is very high (65%-70%? more?).

    In our society many people do not have any respect
    for other religions or people who follow other religions.

    What do they think about Hindus? Jews? Sikhs?

    They think they are always right, about any thing and
    every thing. “Do as I do or go to hell” is the motto.

    Their party and their leaders are the best ones
    and lead the country in right direction. All other
    parties are “Indian agents”, “Are enemy of Allah”.

    If there is somebody who is not following their
    rules or their believes, he must be punished.

    Past years killings of namzis in several masjids
    in diferent’s parts of Pakistan simply show how
    leaders who can’t tolerate others believes can
    kill other Muslims in the name of Islam. They don’t
    even hesitate to kill people in a musjid during namaz.

    Its their duty to correct everything and force people
    to do as they think is right.

    I just said in a thread that I drink once and while.
    People who don’t even know me started to calling me
    “Kafir”, “Hindu”, “Indian agent”, “Liar”, “have complex”,
    “alcoholic” etc.

    They even tried to hang me in public:


    I would like to expose those alcohlics on gupshup.
    This naming and shaming is very important for their
    own good since alcohol is a toxic substance. they are
    imran bukhari………..

    (It is of course for my own good!!!??)

    They can think to use force to stop me:


    as muslims we cant when something unislamic is going on we must
    stop it by hand [force], if not hand by words, if not words in ur heart
    just think its bad [cowards pick dat way].

    And if others are remaining from using force
    they are called cowards.

    What is wrong with these people? Why can’t they mind
    their own business? Are they responsible and in charge of
    others peoples life now?

    Who gives you right to decide what is right and what is
    wrong in my life. Do what you want to do with your life.
    What I do is going to effect my life not yours.

    Cheers Imran

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    Buy a six-pack and go and watch some tv.


      Yeah Bokhari, go watch some middle eastern porn, goes well with a pint of lager.



        Well pals,

        To you its a six-pack, to me it's a support Group

        Everyone needs to believe in something.
        I believe I'll have another beer

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          I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.