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I love prostitutes.....

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    I love prostitutes.....

    I love prostitutes bcoz they remain faithful to you ONLY, as long as u have money...

    Trust me, You'll get pain.

    but this post is gonna go sonner than soon
    Only sick and frustrated people can do that


      hey brother...can u plz point out sick and frustrated things?????

      Trust me, You'll get pain.


        Brother ! from my point of view pating money for sex is pretty sick and you got to be really frustrated to do that .


          i guess u mean paying.....
          so wat u like .. free sex ..
          im not talking about sex yara.....
          im talikng about attitude...

          Trust me, You'll get pain.


            look who's talking!!!
            Shezi you used to like this stuff!

            Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


              why prostitutes r called bad? coz they sell their body...what makes a prostitute to sell her body? MONEY ... ok
              BTW da most important factor, which is considered in a marriage is that how financially secure da guy is.....
              No comments....


                write "i luv prostitutes" 1000 times....

                But in ur journal!!!!!



                  hahahahahahahahah now look whos talking.... whats the difference between this topic and honorable women in west?....doesnt that resemble the prostitution in west..? or ITS totally different...prostitution a clean subject to discuss which doesnt involve "women" and their honor??? How typical biased!!! Anything that resembles your agenda, your bad side, you dont want others to see, you call it sexiest!!! How profoundly stupid that is!

                  MagRib main Uriiyaan to khuley aahhm pherhrey hain
                  Chaa-ANd dallor phehNko to jaholi main girey hain

                  Shahdi se he pehley yahan ulaad hai hotii
                  Aurat yahan har raat naye bed pe hai sooti

                  haiN kitney hee bachey ke nahiN baap haiN jin ke
                  Pention pe jo paltey haiN bahla paap haiN kin ke

                  MagRib to eik asheeeb hai wehhsheeyat ki hai bastii
                  Rooti yahan mehnghi hai Aurat yahan hai sasti

                  Azadi-e nosooWaan ka tarana yahan aurat
                  Hum jinss parastii ke neeshana yahan aurat


                  HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<

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                    I dont love prostitutes...I dont hate prostitutes..
                    Being a prostitute may not be the most important aspect of a woman's personality who is in that line of work....
                    Prostitutes have played a major part in keeping our society clean..they have accepted the label and withdrawn in their own that shareef ppl like you and me with unshareef urges, can go and get rid of them...Our Pakk society remains pak....prostitute who was Napaak before, gets a little more napakk...
                    Woman get upset if they remotely percieve sexual connotation...How dare you reduce me to an object..I want to be viwed as a person ....But they too ( actually more then men) routinely fail to see the prostitute as a human....
                    Every human being deserves the same love and respect...NUN or prostitute..
                    Actually prostitute deserves a little more , cause we as a society created the circumstances that made her end up where she did....Only way of helping the trapped human behind the prostitute mask is by giving them the confidence and self respect back....

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                      Nashaa pilla kai girrana tou saab koo aatta hai,,
                      Mazza jaab hai kai , girtooN koo thaam lai saqee,,