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    there are many ages in our lifetime . which one u think is better bacpana pun, jawani ya phir burhapa?????
    and dont 4get to tell y????------------------
    *jeette_raho bache*

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    in my opinion bach pun is the best time
    some of the reasons

    u don't have to worry about goin to work
    u don't have to care about this cruel world
    u r free of worries except worrying about toys
    u don't have to think wat u gona do in ur future
    u r a king of ur house
    if some one is not listenin all u ha ve to do is start crying dats it

    life iz ez


      I think larakpun is the best time.
      Everyone says bachpun but how many of you do remember your bachpun?

      Teenagers have some control of their lives they can do somethings on their own without worrying about work or other tentions.
      Late teens are the best part of life, if yuo did enjoy it!
      You go out with friends , you get a car to drive freedom to go out. You have the right to speak in elderly matters. Ppl listen to you coz they think that you are grown up person (even though you are not
      and many others things
      (not to mention those matriculation and Fsc holidays for those who studied in pak)

      Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


        keep going any other thoughts!!!

        *jeette_raho bache*