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on home schooling.. !!!

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    on home schooling.. !!!

    from grade 1 to 12 the schools in US are pathetic. while some private schools are miles ahead of the public ones. chances are they get their share of drugs, violence, sex and other diseases rampant in kids nowadays. the aftermath leads to many highschool dropouts.

    so an increasing number of parents are chosing home schooling. not a bad idea at all. Especially for Muslims since we would also like our kids to read Quran and learn other Islamic values. but to do that parents need a stronger presence in the house and stay committed. so the mommy can teach Islam, urdu, english, arts, biology and daddy can teach math, physics and the all important Pakistan studies.

    what would be some of the pluses and minuses? anyone who tried it?

    Excellent subject!!! Thanks for bringing it up.

    That's an interesting concept....keeping your kids out of school and teaching them at home....

    My first concern with it would be: How do your kids learn to interact with people? Where will they learn respect for other cultures and how will they be taught to appreciate differences?

    Secondly, and I expect that you've done this intentionally for it's controversial spirit, why the specific division of subjects between the mommy and the daddy? Why can't daddy teach Urdu and mommy teach physics?


      well there is always college.... for those who wouldnt want their kids to be introverts. but you are right, there is a good chance that kids wont learn how to interact with others. but there are ways out of that. for those who have a big family kids can interact among their cousins... and if some are fortunate to have a local mosque kids can interact with other kids who are also there for the same reason.

      secondly, mommies can teach physics too. but then what would daddy teach?


        they could teach home economics.

        i was going to say that i had urdu home schooling at home; my school didnt' offer urdu classes. parents taught it considerably well, considering i can at least sorta read, write & speak urdu...
        even though idun't feel so confident about it but that's okay.

        anyways, the pros & cons i reazlied about the urdu classes i was taught by my parents:-

        Good: - you learn discipline. The parents are probably going to be very strict while they teach you -- so learn to be discipline.
        - They know they speed which you are able to learn urdu. They can teach according to your learning speed.

        Not so Good: - you kinda dun't get the chance 'practice' the urdu like how you could around other students & kids as an everyday conversation thing. If you have cousins, you get the chance to practice. but it didnt' really help me.
        - parents could be possible a bit leniant with the lessons they have to teach


          Hmmmmmmmm yeah public schools are downward in the drains, they are pathetic and pretty UNcivilized...homeschooling well, now day and age both parents have to work, well most of them, they cannot aford to stay home and teach their kids, i think we need more islamic schools, which qualify to give childern the education of 1-12 grades and yet provide the best islamic education with it. For example: my brother is studying quran and hadith in private school and yet completing his regular "duniyaa wali taleem"(as that school puts it) education with it. By the time he done with quran, inshallah he will have a high school diploma and hopfully will be ready for college. inshallah.


          HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


            haroon, good points. what your brother is lucky enough to have is not available to all though. since there are not many Islamic institutions around yet. the best way to neutralize the constant bombardment of some of the garbage in high schools is to go through another schooling system on the weekends or evenings.... which to say the least teaches kids some basic Islamic values, tameez, morals, tells them its not okay to kiss other girls/boys just cos its a common practice in their schools, and/or to have sex, do drugs etc. and many small things like how to address your parents and respect your teachers etc.

            home schooling with its disadvantages atleast will help those parents who do not want their kids to pick up these things from other kids. so the parents might not do an excellent job in teaching their kids biology or math but they can always work on their deficiencies in colleges.

            kohal, well the daddy can always teach'em a thing or two about wrestling? even though muzna would want to take that one up too.

            so how is gupshups voice chat for practising ur urdu?


              Exactly mundya well said...i dont say biology or anyother education for kids is bad, but it should come at certain age not in pre-teen years....anyways voice chat and urdu well most people most of the time speak english so its not really an urdu thing..."we" try to speak english but some spoiled, english speaking wana bees tend to speak english with us the urdu ones. (not that anything is wrong with that.


              HARooN>>>Chorr chori se jaye...haira-pehrii se na jaye<<<


                excuse me ?
                deprive your kids of living a normal life
                and who am I or you to do that

                schools are not just the place to get educated
                most of lifes precious moments are spent in school,
                forget all that what bout basic interaction
                kids need kids

                amazing how some ppl dont have a clue to it and yet they are eager to drive their point across