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How do you show your love?

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    How do you show your love?

    How do you show your love, your affection to
    people you love?

    When did you say, “I love you” to your sister/brother?

    ”I love you ammi”,
    “I love u abbu”?
    “I love you meri jaan”

    Do we need to show our love, our affection?
    In fact, yes. If we love somebody, we have to show it.

    According to my experience the most common mistake
    is to think, well “they know it, they know I love them”

    Its enough, why should I do more, why should I show it in other ways?

    Life is short. Show your love o people you love. If you find somebody you love and care for, keep her/him tight. Show your love, your affection to her/him. False proudnesse is
    going to hurt you more than anybody else.

    I love my wife and I simple say to her (many times every day):

    “Janoo I love u!”
    “Janoo I cant live without u”
    “Janoo I miss u soooo much”

    I buy flowers 3-4 times every month, some times more.

    My Janoo is in Karachi right now and I write to her at
    least 10 times every day. I miss her soooo much. She is
    my janoo and I love her and miss her.

    She is not here tahts why i viste Gupshup
    so many times every day

    [This message has been edited by Imran A Bukhari (edited July 15, 2000).]

    well if they r parents u wash bartan and gahr ka kaam karo.



      You can say that to your wife etc
      But I doubt that you will say that to your dad or sis!

      and Sometime saying that you love 'em makes it a bit showy.

      Do you...yahooooooo!!! ?


        Imran mian bahun bhaee yaa ami abba say i love u kahnay ki kia zaroorat jaisay jaisay hum grown up houtay hain hamara love ake doosray k leay bhi grown up houta hay yay,haan yay baat zaroor hay k life main sometime aisi situation aa jaati hain k bahun bhaee k behaviour say andaaza hou jaata hay k kon uss k problem ko serious laita hay or kon light,waha say hum findout karat hay k he/she love me more then bara bhaee yaa chouta bhaee

        rahi baat wify ko janoo yaa i love u kahnay ki hehehehh tou dear kabhi kabhi peayr main kahi hoee gali ilove u lagti hay hehehehe normelly i love k ilawa lafz zeada khoobsoorat lagtay hain izhaar karnay k leay


          Wether it concerns a paternal relationship, relationship with one's own siblings/friends, or any other, it is necessary to let that person know that you love them thru words. But most of the time, it's one's own actions towards the person one claims to care about and hold dear to the heart, which really overcome everything else. The way, one will treat their dearests, address them, take care of them is the way which depicts how one loves them the best. Eventhough words are a necessary assurance, yet actions still have a far better impact than words.


            hummmm sochanay ki baat hay
            Meray Roz O Shab k Nisaab Main Meray Paas Apna To Kuch Nahi


              I dont think it is necessary to show your love to your parents and I agree with anari ke ghar ke kaam karen aur parents ki khidmat karen..if you really love them!


              Love Always
              ** Of all the things I've lost ~~ I miss my mind the most **


                Lets say U are sitting alone in your home,real sad, U are missing someone U love and he/she is far far away from U. And suddenly your friend walks in with a bottle of whiskey and he says:'I love U man! I can't see U like this, c'mon lets go and have some fun...' Another scenario: U are sitting alone in your home,real sad, U are missing someone U love and he/she is far far away from U.And your friend walks in and says:I can't see U like this, lets go to the Masjid and make a salat and ask ALLAH to make things easier for U after that we can go and have a Nehari...' And U ask him why go to masjid, he replies 'I love U as a brother'. Anyone can say I love U, but one who truly loves U will prove it to U... Go figure

                Remember ALLAH and HE will Remember you.


                  i dont think there is anything wrong in saying i love you to ur parents or brother or sister for that reason.. and cut the guy some slack ppl.. he is alone and missing his wife.. so the least you guys can do is agree with him on this thing a lille bit when he isnt that wrong either.. i for one back u mr imran.. may be cause its too late at nite or whatever the reason is but i do ..